Management House Rules
It is our goal to conserve energy.
accomplish this goal we have listed a few
examples of energy conservation we hope you
will practice in your new home to assist us with
our conservation efforts.
Furnaces Heating Units: We recommend that
you set your thermostat at a moderate
temperature of 68 degrees. If you have a
programmable thermostat it is most efficient
when the fan is set to the “Auto” mode and on
the “Heat” mode. Using these settings will
allow your heater to come on automatically
when the temperature in your home is below
68. If you have a two-story apartment home
we recommend that during the winter months
you close all of your vents upstairs and open all
of the vents downstairs. Heat will rise thus
heating the upstairs.
 Refrigerated Air: If your apartment has
refrigerated air conditioning, we recommend
that the thermostat be set anywhere between
75 and 78. Use the “Auto” mode and the
“Cool” mode. If you have a two-story apartment
home we recommend that during the summer
months you close all of your vents downstairs
and open all of the vents upstairs. With
refrigerated air conditioning, always keep doors
and windows closed to improve efficient
 Evaporative (Swamp) Cooling: If your
apartment has swamp cooling, you will have
two switches to operate your cooler one is a fan
switch and one is a pump switch. For best
efficiency turn pump on 10 minutes before
turning on the fan.
This will insure the
evaporator pads are wet and cool before the
fan starts. The fan switch has two functions,
high and low. Swamp coolers are less efficient
in high temperatures and high humidity
situations. A swamp cooler requires airflow
through the apartment to operate effectively;
therefore, it is recommended that you crack
several windows to pull airflow through the
living space. During periods when you are not
Management House Rules (6/04)
home we highly recommend that you close all
windows and you do not leave the cooler on.
Water Heater: Setting the temperature dial of
the adjustable surface mounted thermostat can
regulate the temperature of the water in the
water heater. Safety and energy conservation
are factors to be considered when selecting the
water temperature setting of the water heater’s
thermostat. The lower the temperature setting,
the greater the savings in energy and operating
costs. To comply with safety regulations the
thermostats are set at 120 F. There is a hot
water scald potential if the thermostat is set too
high. Residents should call the office if you
believe the water temperature is set too high or
Ranges: Your range is most efficient when kept
clean. Under no circumstances should your
range be used as an alternative to heating your
Disposals: Turn on cold water before starting
your disposal and allow to run at least 15
seconds after grinding is completed. To keep
your disposal in good working condition, do not
grind bones, rinds, or stringy foods. If your
disposal stops, check the reset button on the
bottom or outside of the unit.
Drips and Leaks: Should you find a water leak
in your apartment of any nature, we ask you to
call the office immediately and report it.
Water Saving Showerheads/Faucets and
Commodes: All of our communities purchase
water saving plumbing fixtures. Residents are
prohibited from changing water saving devices.
Lights: We ask when you are not home to
please turn off all unnecessary appliances,
electronics and lighting fixtures. Please be
certain that porch lights are turned off during
daylight hours.
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