Instructions for Binding of Senior Honors Thesis

Instructions for Binding of Senior Honors Thesis
1. These instructions are from Tiger Copy & Graphics (upstairs over the Bookstore).
2. Give them a copy of your thesis in one of these forms: hard copy, CD, ZIP drive, or via
email. If you email, be very specific about what you want done.
3. If you email it, send it to [email protected], and be sure to include your
telephone number in the email.
4. Tell them how many copies you want bound.
5. Ask for the “spiral binding” (clear plastic front and black back) on 28-pound paper.
6. Prices quoted (fall 2007) are:
Binding: $2.95 per copy
Additional price per page of thesis text: $0.07
Example: A 30-page thesis would cost $5.05 per copy.
7. Provide one bound copy to the Honors Coordinator and one to your faculty mentor in
addition to any personal copies you make for yourself.
8. This binding is also acceptable to the University Honors Program.
9. Don’t submit it for binding until AFTER your thesis defense. For the defense, just
provide the committee with a good clean copy clipped together.
10. Remember to bind a signature page into each copy. Bring the finished and bound
copies to the committee members for signatures.