Application to Write an Honors Thesis in Art History (DOC)

Art History Senior Honors Thesis Application Form
Name: __________________________________________________________
Advisor: _________________________________________________________
Proposed Topic: ___________________________________________________
GPA in Major: ____________________________________________________
(please attach a course list with grades or an unofficial transcript with relevant courses marked)
I have read the Honors Requirements for Art History and agree to enroll in 2
terms of AH399 with my advisor (Fall and Winter). I also agree to participate in
the senior honors colloquium. I understand the thesis will be due in Spring
Student Signature: ________________________________________________
Date: ___________________________________________________________
I agree to supervise this thesis and the two AH399 courses necessary to write it.
Advisor Signature: ________________________________________________
Date: __________________________________________________________
DUS Signature: __________________________________________________
*Once signed, this form should be filed with the Program Assistant in the Art History Department*