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Brasilia Shopping Guide 2012
Please note that these stores change frequently, so we can’t guarantee that the exact
stores listed below will still be in that block. Please feel free to advise CLO of changes to
the commercial blocks you use!
The commercial streets between the apartment blocks are often specialized in one type
of product. To help you with your shopping, here are some tips on where to find them..
Baby Supplies—Asa Sul 510—Stores selling everything form cribs and strollers
to pacifiers and toys.
Clothing Rental—Asa Sul 509—Stores rent tuxedos and formal gowns as well as
shoes, belts, and accessories.
Computer Supplies—Asa Norte 207/208—There are many stores specialized in
computers and electronics including cellular phones. Repairs to computers and printers can be done here.
Electric Supplies—Asa Sul 109/110—Twenty-three shops selling electric supplies and lamps, this is the place
to get 110V light bulbs.
Eye Glasses—Asa Sul 303—Many optical stores for prescription or reading glasses.
Fabric—Asa Sul 306/307—In addition to 18 fabric stores, you will find seamstresses/tailors.
Fashion Street—Asa Sul 304/305—Eighteen clothing stores, 5 shoe stores, 5 cosmetics stores and 3 selling
Hairdressers—Asa Norte 314/315—Twenty-nine hairdressers on this block!
Paint—Asa Sul 310/311—Nine stores to purchase house paint.
Pharmacies—Asa Sul 102/302—Find an open pharmacy at any time of day. Located near the Hospital de
Base, there are also two stores selling hospital products.
Photographic Supplies—Asa Sul 113/114—Find everything you need for photography and video in six
specialized stores. Camera repairs can be done here.
Picture Framing—Asa Sul 213/214—Five stores offer framing, glass and mirrors. Two more stores specialize
in upholstery.
Restaurants—Asa Sul 201/202 and 404/405—The first has 14 restaurants, the second has 18. A wide variety
including Chinese, French, Japanese, Mexican, German, and Spanish cuisines.
Block by Block Shop List
Asa Sul: Most of the city’s bars and restaurants are centered around 402/403, 404/405, 209/210 and 409/410
100’s (the first commercial sectors next to the Eixo W)
Pharmacies - natural, homeopathic, 24 hours, hospital supply shops.
Post Office (nearest to the staff block).
New China – Chinese restaurant.
Carpe Diem – Brazilian restaurant.
Marvin – American burger restaurant.
STB travel shop.
Abracadabra – good quality children’s toys. Next door is another good toy shop.
Festiva - traditional party shop - party decos, cups, plates, invites, balloons, cake deco equipment.
Dominos pizza.
La Boulangerie –delicious bakery selling good quality breads, pastries and quiches.
Church of our Lady - famous church designed by Oscar Niemeyer.
Xique-Xique – very popular and traditional Brazilian restaurant.
Lighting shops – light bulbs, lamps, lamps, wiring, light fittings, garden lights, party lights and
sound equipment.
OBA – good quality fruit and vegetable shop.
Beirute – very busy bar and restaurant (some Lebanese food).
Film developing shops and bakeries.
Bellini Bakery – very popular for breakfast and lunch.
Villa Tevere (eixo end) – great Italian restaurant.
Don Durica – popular por quilo - typical mineira food.
Suzanna Rodrigues – Amazonian jewellery.
Asa Sul: 300’s (the commercial sectors next to the W3)
Pharmacies - natural, homeopathic, 24 hours, hospital supply shops.
Blumenau at the top (W3 end) – luxurious home shop.
Fabric shops.
Armarinho Milano – sewing craft store.
Empório Sírio Libanês – Lebanese and Sirian foods.
Zimbrus – good salads and açaí
Maria Amelia Café – (W3 end) – café with children’s play area with supervisors to look after the
children from 2-9pm.
SportCicle – large bike shop.
Asa Sul: 200’s (the commercial sectors next to the exio L)
Mostly restaurants, busy at lunchtime.
Bar Brahma – live music most nights.
Fartura fruit and veg.
Dular – upmarket home ware shop.
Miami Presente – cheap household basics
Japanese deli
Shoe and handbag shops.
Nippon – good fruit and veg deli. On top, Nippon restaurant: little Japanese restaurant with very
good food.
Bike shop – sales and repairs.
Casa do Rio Grande do Sul – upmarket home ware shop.
Couro Chique – very good shoe repair shop.
Cacahuá – chocolatier and coffee shop.
Busy quadra with lots of bars and restaurants including Giraffas (like McDs), Crepe au Chocolate,
Chiquita Bacana, Quitinete café and bakery (very popular for European style breakfast and lunch),
Universal Diner, San Marino pizza.
Casa Raquel – women’s lingerie shop, also selling baby clothes downstairs. Sicili pizza restaurant.
Pizza a Bessa – all you can eat pizzeria (rodízio).
Asa Sul: 400’s (the commercial sectors next to the L2 Sul)
Lots of bars and restaurants including Gates Pub (live bands most nights), Lakes (Brazilian),
Nanbei (Japanese), Dom Francisco (Brazilian).
Bocanegra niteclub, Gendai (Japanese), China in box (fast food takeaway), TN tennis wear shop,
Naturetto Familia (lunch - por quilo style, evenings – pizza rodizio, very popular) – also sells
Saborella ice-creams and has a 24hr soup bar from Tue-Sun.
Piaui off licence, Nippon Chinese & Japanese, pizza takeaway
Azeite de Oliva bar
Lots of good restaurants.
McDonalds on L2
Pizza Hut, Maki sushi café
Empada Brasil – pasty café.
Bardana vegetarian restaurant and deli.
Ichiban (Japanese & Chinese)
Toujours restaurant
Fred – traditional restaurant, known for its “picadinho”.
Shizen – large Japanese health food shop.
Haviana shop (L2 end)
Stans – great chocolate shop and café near Havaiana shop.
Boteco – bar with great appetizers from Recife, Pernambuco.
Kojima – fashionable Japanese restaurant.
Play Tennis store.
Bobs & Habibs on L2.
Bars and restaurants including Parrilla Madrid, O’Rilley’s Pub, Baco Pizzaria.
O Tigrão fruits & vegetables, bread, cheeses & meat.
Mamãe & Bebe, large baby/maternity shop.
Corrientes 348 – very popular Argentinean steak restaurant.
Crocs shoe shop.
Na Venda Bar
UK Brasil Pub
La Palma deli & café (lots of European items)
BSB Grill – popular steak restaurant
Arte & Vida – artists shop.
Mikami – Japanese deli.
W3 Sul – the old ‘Oxford Street’ of Brasilia
Mercado Municipal – a large deli in a grand old building with a café upstairs and bar next door.
Several baby shops selling cheap baby basics and toys.
Fabric shops.
Pioneira da Borracha – great shop selling all sorts of house items such as crystal glass,
saucepans, sheets, towels, sheets, children’s toys, and building material downstairs.
Ferragens Nova Distrial - ironmonger type shops – selling all sorts of electrical appliances, garden
equipment, hose attachments, camping gear and house tools.
"Rei das Embalagens" – fantastic shop for bakers, all sorts of baking tins, cutting shapes, icing
decorations, packaging for parties, cakes, plastic cups, plates etc. Great for Christmas decorations
Asa Norte: A lot quieter than Asa Sul
100’s (the first commercial sectors next to the Eixo W side)
Casa das Artes – large art and craft shop.
Rosa’s cafe – has a delicious “pão de mel” (chocolate covered honey cake with a variety of fillings)
Daniel Briand – great café and bakery.
Fred hairdressers (Impact Studio) – very popular with ex-pats as he speaks English (South African)
Beirute – very busy bar and restaurant, Lebanese style food.
Grande Muralha Chinese restaurant - bottom right.
2o Cliché – popular cachaça bar.
Armazém do Brás – bar and restaurant.
Marvin – American burger restaurant.
Koni Store – temaki restaurant.
China in Box.
Crepe au Chocolat
Saborella ice cream café – Italian style ice cream.
Asa Norte: 300’s (the commercial sectors next to the W3)
BSB Grill – excellent steak restaurant.
Happy – quality toy shop.
A variety of stores for wedding planners, brides.
Feitiço Mineiro – “comida mineira” restaurant with live music.
Mc Donalds (W3 end)
OBA – fruit and vegetable shop
La Felicitá – restaurant
Pão de Açúcar supermarket (W3 end)
Lots of hairdressers and shops selling hair products.
Sports and Ballet Shops
Schlob – German bar and restaurant
Baco – popular pizza restaurant
Ninny – delicious Italian restaurant, owned by an Italian.
Portofino – fine liquor store.
Asa Norte: 200’s (the commercial sectors next to the eixo L)
Paraffine – candle making shop
Shoe repair stall
Parabens party shop
Cristal – large shop selling all sorts of cheap things you never knew you needed! Great for
Christmas decorations and party bag items.
Area 51 – large pool bar.
Computer shops.
Maracanã bar – live Brazilian music (MPB, choro). Good place to watch soccer games.
Rappel – restaurant
Oba – quality fruit and veg
Casa dos Biscoitos Mineiros – great café and bakery
Several lively bars and restaurants
Directly in front of Parque Olhos d'Agua – popular quadra with many restaurants and bars.
La Creperie, C’est si bon creperie, Chilli Pepper Mexican restaurant, Valentina pizzeria
Regular Bakery and German Bakery, Jap’s Restaurant (Japanese)
Dular houseware
Small supermarket
Asa Norte: 400’s (the commercial sectors next to the L2 Norte)
Forninho Mineiro – delicious baked goods: pão de queijo, biscoito de queijo, manioc cake...
Big Box on L2.
GB Molduras – framing shop (half way down, entrance to side)
Miami Presentes – cheap household items
Several party shops
O Tigrão - fruit and vegetable shop (see 409 Sul).
Cafés and bakers
Pão de Açúcar at L2 end.
Hairdressers, beauty shops and alteration shops.
Papelaria shop (stationery).
La Palma fruit and veg deli – large deli selling lots of specialities that are hard to get elsewhere
(mushrooms, raspberries, blueberries, peanut butter, cranberry juice, speciality bread, wide range of
herbs and spices and Chinese accompaniments).
Pequim Chinese restaurant.
Naturetto – very popular vegetarian por quilo.
Sorbê – ice cream shop next door.
Smart Fit gym on L2.
Oie childrens shoe shop.
TN Tennis sportswear shop.
Second hand book shops; Student bars
Big Box on the L2.
Tv repair shop, Bike repair shop
Godofredo Bar; student bars.
Next to entrance to Parque Olhos d'Agua .
Bendito Suco – juice bar & café
Cafe com Vinyl - nice bar & cafe
Dona Lenha Mediterranean restaurant
Gourmet Burgers and Houston Burgers – American style burger
El Negro – excellent Argentine steakhouse
Pente Magico children’s hairdressers
Ice Cream shop
Frozen Seafood shop
W3 Norte – the old ‘Oxford Street’ of Brasilia
Casa & Festas – great party shop and fancy dress shop.
Casa da Moldura – framing shop.
Zaiaquarios - for all your fish & aquarium needs
Digital Copy - printing/copies/invitations
Painting shops/lighting shops.
Lago Sul Shopping Centers
Pontao – (next to the Costa e Silva bridge next to the lake) an area next to the lake with several good resturants
(Mormaii surf bar (good sushi) and shop, Bierfass, Café Antiquário, Bargaço, Devassa, Resturante Soho, ice cream
stops and several small playgrounds. Very popular at weekends. Often has ‘BSB Mix’ markets and other
entertainment. http://www.pontaodolagosul.com.br/pontao/home
Gilberto Salomão SHIS QI 5 - largest Pão de Açúcar supermarket in BSB. Photo shops, clothes shops. Large toy
shop and house shops (inc Dular). Often hosts the popular ‘Feira da Lua’ on weekends. Several cafes and bars. Large
branch of HSBC.
Commercial Sector QI9 – OBA quality fruit and vegetables. Fortunata – great Italian restaurant. Mariettas – pizza
The Deck – QI11 –several deli’s, bakeries, spas, clothes shops, pizza restaurants, Sabin lab, chemists, pet shops. At
the far side there is a covered area with a number of cafes and bars, some with live music. McDonalds.
Pier 21 – entertainment complex with cinema, food court, gym, hairdressers, beauty shop, book shop, and Striker
Casual 10 Pin Bowling Alley (opens 2pm). This is the nearest entertainment place to the Embassy. Porcão is just
outside, as Roadhouse Grill, an American-style restaurant. http://www.pier21.com.br/v3/
Shopping Centers - most of the shopping centres have cinemas, food courts & children’s play areas – many have
weekend entertainment often advertised on banners outside the centres. Keep your eyes peeled.
Asa Sul Shopping Centers
Patio Brasil – old fashioned multi-story shopping centre on the south side of the W3 (near the Parque da Cidade).
Venancio 2000 – old shopping centre next to Patio Brasil. Sells lots of gem stones and artefacts made from gem
stones (similar to ones sold at TV Tower market). Chulezinho selling large range of children’s shoes. Several stores
that sell gowns, party dresses.
Sudoeste/Guará Shopping Centers
Terraco Shopping - good mix of shops and food outlets. Live music most weekends.
Park Shopping – largest shopping centre in Brasilia. Located on the EPIA opposite Leroy Merlin. All department
stores, large food court, 10 pin bowling alley (open after 2pm), large FNAC bookshop.
CasaPark – Tok & Stok (expensive Ikea), large Livraria Cultura bookshop. Mainly expensive furniture stores.
Antiques fairs and botanical fairs some weekends. http://www.casapark.com.br/
CTIS Info shopping – computer warehouse.
Furniture Stalls - outside CTIS are lots of stalls selling furniture, poufs etc, they will make things up for you.
Along the EPIA are also several hypermarkets of Carrefour, Leroy Merlin (like UK’s B&Q), Extra, Makro, Walmart,
Sam’s Club, SuperAdega, and SuperAdega Wine.
Asa Norte Shopping Centers
Brasilia Shopping – modern two floor shopping centre on the north side of the W3.
Conjunto Nacional – by the central bus terminal, multi-story shopping centre. http://www.cnbshopping.com.br/
Boulevard Shopping Centre – end of the W3 (just before the bridge to Lago Norte) – contains hypermarket of
Carrefour and several other shops, children’s theatre. http://www.boulevardshoppingbrasilia.com.br/
Also in this area – Extra and Walmart hypermarkets.
Lago Norte Shopping Centers
Gardening supplies + plants/trees – on the main road towards Sobradinho past Lago Norte) - on the right before you
reach the roundabout.
Pao de Acucar parking lot in Lago Norte has several small stalls – shoes repairs/clothes alterations/watch
repairs/gardening and house equipment repair etc. Tyre repair stall on the opposite entrance to the supermarket.
Papelaria and several resturants.
Deck Norte Lago Norte – popular food court, with fast food resturants, por quilo & pizza resturants, a bar, Loja
Americanas, Runway gym, Sabin lab, chemists, dry cleaners, travel agents, gym, Haviana shop, Tok de Costurea –
large alterations/repair shop (including suitcases) . http://decknorte.com/o-shopping/
Peninsula Shopping - Lojas Americana Express with Blockbusters, Cia Toy and Big Box supermarket.
Iguatemi Shopping Lago Norte SHIN CA4 – upmarket designer shopping centre. Tok & Stok and Liveria Cultura.
Several good resturants. http://www.iguatemibrasilia.com.br/
Commercial sector SHIN QI 03/04 - Paes & Vinhos very popular café, bakery & deli with fruit & vegetable shop next
door, sells bbq meat at the weekend. Dry cleaners, chemists, pet shop, Sabin lab, hairdressers, newspaper/magazine
Quituart - QI 09. Open at weekends from 10am – 10pm. Covered area with many food stalls offering food from all
over Brazil, local crafts and live music.
Commercial Sector SHIN QI 9/10 – Big Box, bakers, pet shop, butchers, chemist, gardening supply shop,
ironmongers, Dona Lenha pizza.
Commerical Sector SHIN QI 13 – Construshopping – large building supply shop, bakery/deli, chemist, hairdresser,
snack bar, pet shop and gardening supply shop.
Torre de TV (TV Tower) – popular tourist weekend market selling arts and craft. Catch a lift up the tower for a good
view of Brasilia. The booth for the sightseeing bus trip is here. Caporiera on Sundays. Food stalls.
CEASA fruit and vegetable markets (Saturday) – huge variety of fruit & veg, also organic meat, bread, nuts, cheers,
also an organic market. Best to get here EARLY as possible, gets very busy by 9am.
Flower market (next to CEASA) open every day – large selection of tropical flowers and plants, very good value.
Feira dos Importados (Paraguay Market) – Cheap choice of most things including outdoor and sports equipment,
cameras, computer parts, lamps, kitchen accessories, children’s toys, carpets and rugs. Great for Christmas
decorations. Also furniture shops in this area.
Feira do Guará at Guara II – open every day – fresh fish on Thursday. (On the main road past the Epia, about 10
minutes past the Zoo). Very good for clothes, cosmetics, kitchen ware, fruit and veg and dried nuts, wholegrains,
sauces etc.
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