Santashop2015flyer - St Rose of Lima Catholic School

Dec 15th & 16th
8:30am to 2:30pm
It’s that time of year again for St. Rose’s Santa Shop!! This event is a
service provided by PRIDE parents. The kids will be able to shop for small
items independently for their loved ones. This is not a fundraiser and
PRIDE nor St. Rose will be making any money from this event. During the
2 days the children will be allowed to come down in small groups to the
PLC to shop. Assistance shopping will be provided if needed. The items
they purchase will be wrapped, tagged, and all ready for Christmas. Items
will be $6 or less in increments of $1 to make shopping/paying easier.
Please fill out the bottom portion and have your child bring it with them
when they shop.
My child ___________________ may purchase items up to said
amount for the following people:
Mom ________ Sister___________
Dad__________ Brother_________
Allowed to spend extra $$: YES / NO