Shop Safety v2 - Walpole Robotics

General Shop Safety
No horseplay.
Do not operate machines or powertools until you are licensed.
Keep the shop clean and organized.
*Wear safety glasses at all times
within the shop.
Loose clothing must be removed or
Roll long-sleeves up past the elbow.
Keep all guards in place.
Never walk away from a machine
that is still running.
*Never interrupt a person who is
operating a machine.
Always keep your fingers away
from the blades or cutters.
(6” margin of safety)
Always use a brush to clean off
benches and machines, not your
Report strange noises or odors in
the shop.
Do not operate any of the
machinery without proper
When making blade changes or
adjustments, kill the power
(unplug) first.
Report all injuries, no matter how
Only an operator should turn a
machine on or off.
Clear all machines of scrap, only
when the machine is not running.
Do not toss or throw anything in
the shop.
*Always clamp or secure the work
before making a cut (including
*Never use any machines or
power-tools when you are tired, in
a rush, or under the influence of
drugs and/or alcohol.