From Stone Age Hunter-Gatherers to Farmers:

From Stone Age Hunter-Gatherers to Farmers: How Man Advanced through the Ages
Partner Activity Worksheet
1. Go to Ms. C’s wiki.
2. Click on the link to agendas
3. Scroll down to today’s date.
4. Click on the link to the website for your research.
5. As a team, try to find answers to the following questions. You each need to fill
out a worksheet for your binders.
Under the section “Prehistory, Beginnings to 1000 B.C. The Paleolithic and Mesolithic
Periods” click on “Hunter-Gatherer Culture”
What Paleolithic Artifacts tell us
1. TEXT FACT When does the archaeological record begin to record the first
human settlements?
2. INFERENCE What is the significance of finding settlements as opposed to
randomly scattered bones/skeletons? (What does it indicate about human
3. TEXT FACT List the 6 pieces of archaeological evidence that lead
paleoanthropologists to believe that Paleolithic people were “inventive and
capable of abstract thought.”
4. VOCAB & ANALYSIS What do you think “abstract thought” means and why
are inventiveness and abstract thought important for the development of advanced
human culture?
5. TEXT FACT List 4 uses of the tools early man made.
6. TEXT FACT What makes archaeologists think that animals were hunted for
clothing and shelter in addition to food?
7. TEXT FACT Describe the evidence that indicates humans were settling in tents as
well as caves.
Cave Paintings
1. TEXT FACT Where are the oldest cave art paintings found and how long ago to
they date to?
2. INFERENCE Why do you think early man made cave art and engravings? (What
could have been their purpose beyond their beauty?)
Under the section “Prehistory, Beginnings to 1000 B.C. The Neolithic Revolution
click on Cultivating Crops, Domesticating Animals
From hunter-gatherers to farmers
1. TEXT FACT Make a timeline that represents when and where (according to
archaeological findings) the first farms began between 8,000 BCE (10, 000 years
ago) and 3,500 BCE. Your timeline should have 3 different regions on it.
Consequences of Sedentism and Agriculture
TEXT FACT Fill out the chart to list the advantages and disadvantages of the new
sedentary, farming lifestyle for humans.
Under the section “Prehistory, Beginnings to 1000 B.C. The Neolithic Revolution
click on Agriculture and Cultural Advancements
1. TEXT FACT Why was the Neolithic Revolution (as the development of
farming/agriculture is known) fundamentally important to human survival and
advancement? (List 2 reasons)
2. TEXT FACT Fill out the chart below to list the advancements/changes in tools,
clothing, and shelter that occurred during the Neolithic Age.