Assignment: Great War Historical Artifact

Assignment: Great War Historical Artifact/Model
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Due Date:__________________
Students will demonstrate an understanding of the Great War through the creation of a model. They will
also assemble their information in a manner that is creative, attractive, and easy to understand.
Research an artifact that was used during the Great War.
The Great War Model must include the following components:
Historical background
illustrations (hand drawn or electronic)
historical significance
preliminary draft of model
3. Consultation and approval of model proposal by teacher.
Suggested ideas: - create an artifact (ie. McAdam Shovel, Ross Rifle or Trench Periscope), model of
trench system, weapons trading cards, board game (ie. Life, Jeopardy format)
Success Criteria: Great War Historical Artifact/Model Rubric:
 Minimum of 1 page information sheet outlining in your own words the historical background and
significance of the model
 Quality, quantity and accuracy of information about and is appropriate for the age level selected
 of research notes including point form using your own words
 Include at least 3 sources included in a bibliography
 Indicate source and page
 Organization of research notes
 Recording of research/information – quality, variety and quantity of information
 Model design is appropriate for high school level
 Model is free of spelling and grammatical errors (where appropriate)
 Rough draft of model – consultation and approval by teacher
 Model is handmade, creative and original design that clearly reflects Great War Model topic.
 Overall neatness, includes all components, accurate – well organized and easy to interpret
4 – Thorough, highly effective, insightful/Exceeds Expectations
3 - Good Performance/Meets Expectations
2 – Inconsistent Performance/Approaches Expectations
1 – Limited Performance/Below Expectations
R – Remedial, not completed to minimum Expectations