“Sub Day”
Please choose one of the following activities to complete during class in my absence.
1) Time People of the Century:,28757,2020772,00.html
Students will select one figure from the website above to learn more about. After reading the time article,
they are also welcome to do additional research if they want to learn more about some of the events or
accomplishments that were mentioned in the article. After learning more about their historical figure, they
will write a brief summary of the figure and why they were chosen by Time as one of the “People of the
Century.” They may choose any of the following formats to write their summary: brief biography, a resume,
a eulogy, a newspaper article, a rap song.
2) Google Art Project:
Students can visit any of the museums that are listed on the site. They will spend time examining
artifacts/paintings/etc. and then they will choose one artifact to write about. An “Art Document Analysis”
worksheet is attached to this instruction sheet that students can use to write about the artifact/piece of art
that they chose.
3) Geography/History Games: can be found at my Portaportal website in the “General” folder
guestname: magellanworldhistory
Sample Games: Free Rice, CIA Spy games, Geography quiz games
Art Analysis Worksheet
Step 1. Observation
Study the artifact, painting, photograph, etc. for 2 minutes. Form an overall impression of what you
see-create a “tweet” about your first impression.
Use the space below to list people, objects, and activities in the piece of artwork that you chose.
What colors do you see? What feelings or emotions are expressed? What is happening in the
Step 2. Inference
Based on what you have observed above, what message or point do you think the artist was trying
to make when he/she created this piece of art?
Step 3. Questions
If you were to meet the artist, what question might you ask him or her about their work?