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Cultural Artifact Speech
Due: ______________________
Purpose of Assignment:
This short presentation describing part of your culture through the use of a cultural artifact
will give you experience speaking in front of the class, give your class a chance to know you
better, and will encourage awareness of our cultural diversity. Your goal is to describe your
own culture or a co-culture you belong to through the use of a cultural artifact. You may want
to focus on values, artifacts, rituals, ceremonies, and/or practices that make your culture
unique. Consider the sense of identity or shared meaning that you feel within your culture
that is not obvious to those outside of your culture.
Your presentation should have three parts: an introduction, body, and conclusion.
Introduce your culture and cultural artifact with an effective first sentence (attentiongetter). For the body, use two or three main points (supported by examples/details) to
describe your culture (i.e. Why is it important to you? Why unique? How long have you
been part of this culture? Is there anything about your culture most people are not aware
of? Etc.) Conclude with a thought that you want the audience to remember about your
culture (clincher).
Your presentation should be a minute and a half. Be sure to time yourself when
practicing your speech from a notecard.
You should practice your speech several times so that you can deliver it in an
extemporaneous speaking style. You may use one notecard during your presentation,
which I will collect.
You must have a cultural artifact as a visual aid.
Along with your notecard you will turn in an outline of your introduction, body and
conclusion. I prefer that it be typed; however, it may also be handwritten so long as I can
read it.
Criteria for Evaluation:
To receive full credit ( _____ points) on this assignment you need to make an earnest attempt
at meeting the above requirements. I want each of you to succeed and begin to build
confidence and skill in front of your classroom audience, so please come prepared, practiced,
and holding your cultural artifact.
Cultural Artifact Outline
Speech Topic:
Introduction (begin with an effective first sentence—an Attention-Getter):
Body (main points in full sentences)
A. First Main Point:
B. Second Main Point:
C. Additional Main Point (Optional):
Conclusion (end with an effective last sentence—a Clincher):
References (in A.P.A. citation format) (if you used any)