Software Tools List

Software Tools List
Desktop Publishing: I would use this software for writing assignments in English
and Social Studies. For example, I would have them pretend they are all reporters and
have to interview a primary source on a pre-selected topic. Once they have all the
results of their interview they will use Desktop Publishing to publish their article.
Test Generators and Test Question Banks: This is such a great useful and
efficient software tool. Test Generators would free up so much time and relieve the
minor stresses of trying to prevent cheating during test taking with the Test Question
Banks. I would be able to use the same test over and over and just update it as
IEP Generators: Now that Special Education and Mainstream Education are
merging it is vital that there is equity among all students in the classroom. The best
way to achieve this is to implement the IEP Generator software. I would not have to
worry that I am not setting up the IEP correctly because the software has the format
already programmed.
Certificate Makers: Certificates Maker Software is a great way to reinforce the
benefit of learning and or good behavior. One way that I would use this software is
for the student with greatest improvement within a specified time period this would
include academic or behavior. I think it is important to reinforce a student not only
when they are excellent but also when they are making an effort.
Form Makers: I would use Form Maker Software to produce field trip permission
slips, if they are not already provided by the school, and emergency contact
information for the students. For example, the emergency form would request
parent(s) work, cell or alternate phone numbers where they can be reached.
Clip Art Packages: This is one of my favorite software features. I think this makes
writing enjoyable for the students and myself. Clip Art Software is especially useful
for English Language Learners. If there is an idea they want to get across but their
vocabulary is not fully developed they can insert a Clip Art item that may show what
they are trying to express.
Atlases: Atlas Software is a great tool for Social Studies topics when I am teaching
about different cultures I will encourage them to find out as much about that culture
as they can within a certain amount of class time. The Atlas software would be
wonderful because they have access to multimedia demonstrations of the topics they
are researching.
Dictionaries (Word Atlases): Word Atlases are an unbelievable software tool for
English Language Learners. During the allotment of time I have set aside to assist my
ELL I would utilize this tool as much as possible to ensure that the students are
learning the correct pronunciation, which is so critical for their learning.
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