Top 10 most difficult questions

Which silicate mineral is the most abundant in the earth's crust?
a. basalt
c. obsidian
b. feldspar
d. magnetite
e. calcite
What distinguishes the pairs of rocks listed in the igneous rock classification from each other? Consider, for
example, basalt and gabbro.
a. chemical composition
d. texture or grain size
b. crystal system
e. all of the above
c. mineral composition
What type of plate boundary is the San Andreas Fault?
a. convergent
c. transform
b. divergent
d. passive
e. none of the above
Which type of earthquake wave most closely resembles sound waves?
a. P-waves
c. Love waves
b. S-waves
d. Rayleigh waves
e. none of the above
What can be concluded from the observation that objects were thrown into the air during and earthquake?
a. the earthquake had a magnitude of greater than 7.5
b. the first motion of the ground was down
c. the ground acceleration was greater than 1.0 g
d. the site was not constructed according to code
e. there was an elastic ground response
What type of volcano is made up of alternating layers of ash, cinder, and lava?
a. a cinder cone
c. a cone of depression
e. a shield volcano
b. a stratovolcano
d. a dome
Which of the following did not happen during the May 18 eruption of Mount St. Helens?
a. lava flows
c. pyroclastic flows
e. volcanic landslide
b. lahars
d. ash falls
Pumice is what type of rock
a. sedimentary
b. volcanic
c. plutonic
d. metamorphic
e. chemical
Shield volcanoes are built by
a. explosive eruptions
b. gentle outpouring of lava
c. pyroclastic flows
d. nuee ardente
e. ash falls