File - School of Fisch

Review sheet Chapter 9 Test
hot spot,
pillow lava,
pyroclastic material
, pyroclastic flow,
shield volcano,
cinder cone,
composite volcano,
lava plateau,
1. Describe how magma forms at subduction boundary
2. Explain the difference between the volcanic activity that occurs at a hot spot and the volcanic
activity that occurs at a subduction boundary
3. Describe the volcanic activity that occurs at a divergent boundary
4. How do basaltic, rhyolitic , and andesitic magmas differ?
5. Describe the three main types of lava flows.
6. Why is rhyolitic and andesitic magmas are associated with more explosive explosions?
7. Compare and contrast the ways in which shield volcanos and cinder cones are formed.
8. Describe the formation of a composite volcano.
9. What are the potential hazards of living near a dormant volcano?
10. What type of lava is on the moon?
11. Why is Olympus mons so much bigger than anything on earth?
12. How do we know there are volcanos on Venus?
13. What is the source of heat responsible for the volcanos on IO?
14. How do we think the moons lava started?
15. How is a cinder cone made?
16. What sets the magma flows apart from one another?
17. Difference between a hot spot and subduction boundary?
18. Why would people be nervous living next to a volcano?