IBM Appication Form

Personal details
Personal statement:
Eligibility to work in the UK – please provide details e.g. EU citizen or work permit/visa details if
Education and qualifications
Start and End Date of
Degree. Please note applicants
need to be in their penultimate
year of study to be eligible
and subject
Result/Grade. Please let
us know if this is an
obtained or predicted grade
Work experience
Roles and responsibilities
Skills and achievements (Under each competency listed below, please provide examples of
when you have demonstrated this competency in the past. Please be specific and tell us what
experiences you have had and what the result was of these experiences/actions, rather than
describing why that competency may be beneficial to a company like IBM)
Adaptability (Word limit – 150 words)
Teamwork (Word limit – 150 words)
Effective communication (Word limit – 150 words)
Self-motivation and drive to succeed (Word limit – 150 words)
Initiative and creative problem solving (Word limit – 150 words)
Client focus (Word limit – 150 words)
Motivation to apply for this role – please provide reasons why you have applied for this particular
role (Word limit – 150 words)
Additional information – please provide us with any other information you feel relevant to your
application e.g. business acumen, achievements, awards, etc. (Word limit – 150 words)