HR Specialist (Industrial Psychologist) Position

(Industrial Psychologist)
Employment Type & Code: Full/LFL-1bb
Position ID #: LFL-1bbd
Start/Hire Date:
HR Posting Close Date: March 16, 2015
Salary Range: $99,000-$110,000
Life for Life Records ltd. is a start-up organization that has been founded by Veronica P.
Spikener and Stephen A. Boahen in Kentucky February 2013 as an ltd. The primary goals
include, but are not limited to contracting and developing musicians; producing and copyrighting
musical works that are in turn marketable, rendering commercial success for contracted Life 4
Life Recording Artists. It is not improbable to phantom the idea that it shall put forth a variety of
musical projects focused on surpassing the “Gold” and “Platinum” sales levels this current
year. In addition to earning industry recognition through numerous awards; plus receiving an
excess of other projects for use by other avenues. Likewise, produce and sustain a new clothing
line and a series of independent film credits.
LFL Records is seeking an I/O Psychologist to join our Human Resources Team. Our work
covers a variety of disciplines, including supporting competency-based management framework
efforts with competency development, implementation, maintenance, use, and program
 Conduct job analyses, focus groups, data analyses, and related activities consistent with
the industry/professional best practices and relevant legal and technical requirements
(such as the Employee Selection Procedures and the Principles for the Validation and Use
of Personnel Selection Procedures).
 Support Implementation and maintained of an IC-wide Competency Library for use
throughout the human capital lifecycle (e.g., recruitment, selection, development).
 Design and develop supporting materials for various workforce planning and competency
programs, including workforce analytics, performance management, leadership
development, training, career development, and succession management.
 Support IC-wide and organization-specific performance management efforts, including
analyzing robust data sets, preparing reports and briefings for various IC elements and
senior leaders, developing and maintain web content, identifying best practices, and
creating and maintaining related resources.
 10 + years of related work experience
 BA Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology or higher
 Experience developing competency models and/or conducting job analysis
 Knowledge of performance management and/or human capital practices
 Strong Consulting Skills
 Solution-oriented
 Project Management Professional Certification
 Data Facilitation Collection Skills
 Experience implementing performance management systems
 Experience implementing personnel assessments
 Experience conducting statistical analysis
 Company Overview Exceptional people performing mission critical work for
extraordinary customers
 Detail Oriented
 Organized
 Creative
 Innovative
 Great Communication Skills
 Flexible with daily tasks
 Efficient in multi-tasking
 Efficient in time-management