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December 2015
one pound or three pounds for $13. Light or dark is
Christmas Food Baskets
Members can donate non-perishable food items,
personal care items and monetary donations for the
Cooke School family the Club will be adopting for
Christmas. Mary will be collecting donations at the
Club’s Christmas party on December 5th.
Thanksgiving food items were delivered to Cooke
School by Mary, Carol S. & friend Kay. Check out the
picture on the Club’s website:
January Dinner Meeting-January 21st 6 PM
The dinner meeting location has not been chosen yet.
The January newsletter will have the name of the
Business Meeting January 7th, 2016
Business meeting will be held on January 7th at 6:30
PM at the Salvation Army.
Carson’s Community Days-Coupon Book Sales
Our November fund raiser was a success! We sold 421
books ($2,105) and had donations of $54 for a total of
$2,159. Not including a bonus check still to come from
Carson’s. Thanks to Carol S. and her terrific crew in
selling the books for a great success: Barb, Dianne G.,
Terry, Bill, Diana M., Corinne, Pat Bassett, Maureen and
a special thanks to Diana S., Cheryl and Mary for their
double duty of selling and doing all of the charge card
transactions. We could not have done this well without
the support of all these people.
Salvation Army Bell Ringing Report
Thanks to: Bob, Sam, Carol S., Mary, Susan & Donald,
Cheryl, Hal, Diana S., Pat Bassett, Holly & friend, Bill,
Terry, Bonnie & Allan, Kathy & Gary for coming out
and ringing those bells!
Christmas Party-December 5th
The Club’s Christmas party will be held at Carol C.’s
house (39714 Hillary Dr. Canton, MI 48187) on
Saturday December 5th at 6 PM. A collection of hats,
gloves and socks will be taken up. Contact Carol C.
(734-454-4054) to sign up for a dish to bring.
Fruit Cake
Kathy and Gary have picked up the fruitcake order (77
cases or 1,848 pounds) and have delivered them to
our retail outlets. Thanks goes to Hal for loaning his
truck again this year. Contact Gary (734-459-1896) if
interested in buying some fruitcake, cost is $4.50 for
Operation Good Cheer
The gifts are on their way all over Michigan to the 110
foster kids that the Club members, friends and family
members adopted this year. Special thanks go to
Cheryl who has undertaken this task year after year
(somewhere between 13-14 years) and does a great
job of organizing it and making it all work. It’s hard to
believe that the Club has been involved in this project
for over 25 years. Thanks to everyone who helped with
getting the gifts to Cheryl and helping with the loading
of the truck.
Restoration Fund for Civitan International
The Club is undertaking a Restoration Fund campaign
for the next year for the restoration of the Civitan
International Headquarters building in Birmingham, AL.
This building was built in 1974 and last updates were
done over 25 years ago. Vivian has a container for the
Restoration Fund for members to contribute their loose
change and paper money too. This container will
attend all Club functions for one year to help with the
restoration project. This will be in place of the PSP
(Pennies for Special People) that members have saved
change for and donated to the Civitan International
Research Center (CIRC) in the past. After a year, the
Club will go back to the PSP fund. For further
information concerning this, you can check out the
article in the Fall 2015 Civitan Magazine (page 12 or go
to the Civitan website (, under
Fundraising in the Member Resource Center. Since
September the Club has collected $116.92.
Member News
Welcome to the three newest Club members:
Hal Hultman (sponsor: Cheryl VanVliet)
4452 Biddle Street
Wayne, MI 48184
734-718-4802 cell
[email protected]
Maureen Posler (sponsor: Cheryl VanVliet)
30660 Grandon St.
December 2015
Livonia, MI 48150
734-634-5131 cell
734-524-9232 R
[email protected]
Claudia Sargent (sponsor: Carol Swan)
18281 Jamestown Circle
Northville, MI 48168
248-238-2308 cell
[email protected]
Our very own Cheryl Van Vliet who’s the current North
Central District Governor has just celebrated 30 years
as a Civitan. Congrats and way to go Cheryl!
What a pickle Kris found himself in when he underwent
emergency surgery to have his appendix removed
down in Florida. No pickle ball activities for him for 6
weeks! Kris has recovered and back to his crazy self!
Birthdays for December/January
Rosemary Garbarino 12/12
Corinne Collins 12/14
Carol Chanter 12/20
Cheryl VanVliet 1/5
Kris Krzyzanski 1/10
Maureen Posler 1/27
Club Dates
12/5 Christmas Party at Carol C.’s house 6 PM
1/7/16 Business Meeting-Salvation Army 6:30
1/21 Dinner Meeting-Restaurant to be decided.
Note from Membership Chair
Wow 2015 has been a terrific year as membership has
increased by six new members. The Club now has 38
members. Let’s keep up the momentum for 2016!
Vivian Van Vliet
Membership Chairperson
See everyone in 2016!
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