Good to Great

Leadership Book Club
March 2005 Book Club Selection
The Leadership Book Club Selection for March 2005 is Good to Great, by Jim Collins. In this book,
you will read the results of a research study on how companies have made the leap from being just
good companies to really great ones in their financial performance.
Here are some questions to consider as you read this month’s selection:
 What surprised you about the elements that make a company “Good to Great?”
 Do you know any Level 5 leaders?
 Can a Level 5 leader succeed in your organization?
 Where do you have an opportunity to be a Level 5 leader?
 How easy is it to get the right people on the bus, and in the right seats? Where do you see that
 What are the “brutal facts” facing your organization? How do you see people facing these brutal
 What does your organization do better than anyone in the world? (The Hedgehog Concept)
 To what extent is there a culture of discipline in your organization? How is that maintained?
 How is technology used in your organization? What is your organization’s approach to
 What examples have you seen that illustrate the Flywheel Concept or the Doom Loop, either in
your organization or in other organizations?
 Where can you apply the concepts from Good to Great? Where does your passion lie?
Consider taking these actions before we meet to discuss the book:
 Identify an opportunity you have to apply the concepts of Good to Great, either at work or in your
personal life. Begin to consider how you can change your approach to include the Good to Great