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GYPSY HORSES Making Their Mark
by Marilyn Short
How do you market an unfamiliar breed, new to the U.S. in a weaker economy? We went to Linda Brown of A Wizards Spell
Ranch, one of the largest, most prestigious breeders of Gypsy Horses in the U.S. located in Burleson, Texas to find out how she
gets the word out and markets her Gypsy Horses.
The horses from this ranch are rapidly selling to happy new buyers. How does she accomplish this? Her response was, “First,
you need your breed to be one that suits the needs of today’s potential buyers. Many people are getting nearer retirement age
and want something calm, quiet, not dangerous, but still flashy. They want something well trained and very forgiving of their
new owners’ lack of horse experience.”
These are traits that very much apply to the Gypsy Horses. The buyers from A Wizards Spell Ranch receive an extensive
training program about general horse care, as well as the specifics of their specific horses’ personalities and quirks. If the buyer
is comfortable and the match is right then there are many happy years ahead of them.
Advertising the breed is the first approach. After that, the breed must come out in front of the public and be available for handson interaction. Linda invested in renting the Cowtown Coliseum in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards for her buyers to learn
and demonstrate their Gypsy Horses’ show skills in front of the 3,000 people who attended…some of which are her potential
buyers of current and upcoming 2010 stock. Many of Linda’s foals are sold as weanlings.
On Dec. 10 the team of driving Gypsies from this ranch escorted the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes in their Grand Opening
Ceremony at the Nokia Theatre.
If you would like to see A Wizards Spell Gypsy Horses, plan to attend the Fort Worth Stock Show for the Gypsy Horse World
Show January 29-31. Last year was the first year the Gypsy Horses were at the Fort Worth Stock Show and the aisles were
packed with people learning about the breed. Linda had to enlist additional help to insure a knowledgeable person could answer
the many questions being asked.
A new venue for A Wizards Spell this year is in the educational area of the San Antonio Stock Show, February 4-21, another
opportunity for interested horse lovers to experience this personable and flashy breed.
You are invited to stop by either event and ask Linda about the breed and see if they might be right for you. But be careful as she
may hand you a brush while you are talking.
For those with more experience, this ranch provides assistance with Gypsy Horses who will be involved in ranch versatility
including cutting, roping, reining, as well as dressage and driving. Breeding stock is also available along with the education of
establishing a quality breeding program and how to market their offspring.
For information on these incredible horses from A Wizards Spell Ranch, please visit