Immigrant Rights: Introduction

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Important People and Events in American History: The Native Americans
Vocabulary Preview:
Work with a partner. Review the definitions for the vocabulary words
and expressions that you will see in the reading,
“America’s First People “
1. indigenous (adjective): native to a particular place
Example: The Native Americans were the first people to live in what is now the United
States. They are the indigenous people of our country.
2. tribe
a specific group of Native Americans
Example: The Native Americans migrated to all regions of the U.S. and formed various
3. adapt (verb): to change; to live differently than before
Example: When the first Native Americans moved to North America, they were able to
adapt very well to their new environment.
4. natural resources (noun): materials found in nature, such as minerals, trees,
fresh water, oil, or other things that are useful to humans
Example: The Native Americans survived because they learned how to use the natural
resources they found, such as water, land, forests, and plants.
5. settle (verb): to live in a place; to establish a place as a residence or colony
Example: The Native Americans settled in different parts or regions of the country.
6. crops (noun): fruits, vegetables, and other plants that are collected to sell or
used for survival
Example: America’s first people learned how to grow crops in their regions. They
planted things like corn, tomatoes, and tobacco, depending on the area.
7. knowledge
knowing information or facts
Example: The Native Americans had a lot of knowledge about plants and how to use
them for natural medicines.
8. skill (noun): the ability to DO something
Example: One skill the Native Americans had was to make their own tools.
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