Wasatch High School

Wasatch High School
Dance Company
Advisor: Jennifer Hermansen
654-0640 ext. 3774
[email protected]
Course Objective:
It is my objective as the Dance Company advisor to provide a
positive opportunity for members to be part of a team that represents
Wasatch High School. This team will only have members that are
prepared to work hard and represent their school in the most positive
manner. They will treat each other with kindness and respect in
order to build the harmony that a successful team needs. All members
will have many opportunities to choreograph and perform.
 Proper clothing. (dance pants, sweats, modest length
shorts, t-shirts, tank tops- modest dress is required.)
 Hair out of face.
 Notebook & pen or pencil.
 Dress, punctuality and participation (10 pts/day)
1. Tardiness will result in a 5 pt. deduction.
2. Not dressing and/or participating will result in zero
points for the day. This CAN NOT be made up.
3. You may have up to 2 absences without being
penalized. More than 2 will result in zero points for
the day. Please see me if you have more than 2
absences for make-up opportunities.
 Completion and performance of group choreography.
(100 pts.)
 Dance concert performance (100 pts.)
 Other performances (50 pts. Each)
 Written report (100 pts.)
Please remember that this is our only rehearsal time. It is
extremely difficult to get everyone together at other times of the day.
Please do not schedule appointments during this time; only miss class
if it’s absolutely necessary.
The Wasatch High School attendance policy will be
administered and enforced in this class. Key points of this policy
include the following items:
 Students with more than five absences and/or tardies per term
will receive a UA (Unsatisfactory Attendance) citizenship grade
for that term.
 Citizenship Credit can be earned by making up each absence or
tardy beyond five through attendance school.
*All students must earn 28 terms of citizenship credits in order to
graduate from Wasatch High School.
Citizenship Grading Scale
H = Honor
S = Satisfactory
N = Needs Improvement
U = Unsatisfactory (No credit earned)
UA = Unsatisfactory Attendance (No Credit Earned)
Dance Studio Rules:
 Food, drink and gum are NOT allowed in the dance studio.
 Hair spray and/or make-up are NOT allowed in the dance
 Clean up after yourself in the studio and in the locker room.
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