BIO 107 Macromolecules quiz


BIO 107 Macromolecules HW Name & lab day __________________________

Fully and clearly answer the following questions. Since this is a homework assignment and not an in-class quiz, I expect nearly perfect answers!

13 points possible.

1. What is the relationship among hydrolysis, dehydration synthesis, monomers and polymers? (2 pts.)

2. What molecule is a major component of plasma membranes and controls the movement of material into and out of the cell? What is unique about this molecule? (2 pts.)

3. What is the difference between nucleic acids and amino acids?

4. What is the purpose of starch and glycogen? What kind of macromolecule are they?

5. What molecule is “fiber”? Be specific.

6. What kind of lipid keeps this Twinkie “fresh”? What is a byproduct of this kind of lipid?

7. What kind of lipid does this diagram represent?

Be specific. How do you know? What is the source of this kind of lipid in our diet? (2 pts.)

8. What is the diagram to the right representing? Which part is variable? What polymer is made from this monomer? What kind of bonding takes place within a polymer that influences its shape? (2 pts.)

9. What is one way that carbohydrates and lipids are the same? What is one way they are different?