ED 312: Classroom Management Group Presentation Requirements A.

ED 312: Classroom Management
Group Presentation Requirements
You have two 50 minute class periods to present / explain / describe, etc. your program.
Each group member should have equal participation in both designing the presentation
and teaching the material.
You will totally direct those two classes so if you want to use the job cards, etc. that is
your responsibility.
You will need to choose a short reading for the class. You may want this to he a followup reading either the first day or after the second day. You might also want the class to
read ahead for your first day presentation in any case, you’ll need 12 copies.
You are welcome to use any materials in the classroom. Let me know in advance if you
need the VCR, etc.
You will he evaluating each other as professional collaborators. Class members will be
evaluating your presentations. You will he given copies of these rubrics in advance.
Power Point is required for group presentations. Each group member is required to
demonstrate proficiency in using the computer and/or Smart Board
in room 247 during the presentation.
Power Point presentations should use the more sophisticated features of the program to
explain / describe / highlight major points.
Presentations must include various website links directly connected to the content of the
presentation as part of the Power Point presentation. This presentation should include
authors’ websites and school web pages where each system is in use. It should also
include parent and professional (teacher, administrator, professors and educational
authors) reviews of these programs in use.
Opinions solicited from interviews or discussions with professionals who use these
behavior management programs might also be included as “data” to share with the class.
I encourage you to be as creative as you can he in using your 100 minutes, have some fun
with this
What arc your other concerns?