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The 24th Annual QRCA Conference
Wednesday, October 7, to Friday, October 9, 2009
Palm Springs, CA
Thank you for submitting your application to speak at the 2009 QRCA Conference. Please complete
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Please provide all the information requested so your proposal can be evaluated on its potential for
contributing to the educational content of the conference.
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Session title
(Should intrigue & inform; even better if it relates to the COMMUNICATE, REJUVENATE, CELEBRATE
theme or a conference track)
Title: The Unobtrusive Ethnographer: The Economic and Efficiency Advantages of Ethnography via
Mobile Technology
Description of session content
(This is the description members will read in order to decide whether to attend your
presentation. It is very important that the actual presentation indeed fits this description)
Outline: Part I: Evolution of Ethnography: a. Ethnography roots in cultural and social anthropology.
Establish common ground for the session by first quickly getting everyone onto the same page in terms
of the overall definition/concept of what Ethnography is and what it is intended to accomplish. b.
Discussion of Video Ethnography in Qualitative Research. Review of what it is and does, what it can
deliver. Sets the tone for discussion of Ethnography through mobile technology. c. Emergence and
Definition of Mobile technology used in Ethnography. Part II: Mobile Ethnography - Understanding the
Tools and the Technology: a. Overview of the technology components of Telephone Ethnography b.
How to set up Telephone Ethnography study c. How to add a photo component to the study d. How to
price a Telephone Ethnography study e. How to recruit for a Telephone Ethnography study Part III:
Telephone Ethnography Live Demo: Several telephone ethnography recordings will take place live,
involving attendees in the session, as well as parties off-site. These recordings will then be transcribed
in real time, and presented online for viewing by the audience, at which point they will be ready for
analysis. Part IV: Analysis of Telephone Ethnography Research Study Findings: Option for analysis for
assessing the research and drawing conclusions from findings will be discussed. Part V: Financial Tools
for Winning the Telephone Ethnography Project: a. Economic advantages of Mobile Ethnography b.
Reach and Scalability: Efficiency advantages of Mobile Ethnography c. Advantages of Mobile
technology over Video Ethnography
How would you describe the interactive portion of your presentation?
The presenters will use the interactive media of the telephone and the internet and within the
presentation, and utilizing selected Researchers/Moderators attending the session, actually create a
few Ethnographic observational recordings, and let the audience experience them being transcribed for
analysis in real time. Session attendees will serve as the study participants, as well as off-site parties
who will create the transcriptions, so that a sense can be created of how the process works, and how
the technology both looks and feels.
Benefit Statement (Please summarize what attendees can expect to gain from your session)
Attendees will come away with a clear understanding of how to conduct a large-scale Ethnography
study using mobile technology. They will be able to explain to their clients and prospects the types of
findings that can be generated from utilizing mobile phones, texting, pictures and transcriptions for their
Ethnographic study. They will know how to set up such a study, how to scale it, how to price it, how to
propose it, how to conduct it, and how to win over clients to engage in it.
Have you presented or published this material previously? If yes, please specify the venue
and date.
Is there any other information you feel will support the selection of your idea?
In the current economy, both Researchers and their clients must find cost-efficient ways to gather and
analyze research. Using telephone/transcription techniques to conduct Mobile Ethnography studies is
not widely understood, yet it can yield major findings across wide geographical areas, with many
Respondents, at a very low cost. Understanding the advantages of Mobile Ethnographic studies, and
knowing how to present and price them to clients, opens a new door for QRCA members to showcase
themselves as leading edge and innovative, while demonstrating to clients that they have ways to
obtain important research findings at a very low cost.
Please provide a brief biographical sketch for all speakers, including qualitative research
and speaking experience. (If you are chosen to present, this bio will be used for
Rebecca West is Vice President, Client Care for Civicom. She is a member of the company’s Board of
Directors. Civicom serves the world's top organizations, as well as smaller independent firms, with
advanced communications solutions, through next-generation SIP technology that is the first of its kind
in the U.S. Civicom has established a strong presence providing virtual IDI, focus group, and advanced
online services to the marketing research community, using a combination of proprietary audio
conferencing technology, Adobe® web interfacing, recruiting, email-driven research design, and a
superior recording and transcription system. Prior to Civicom, Rebecca’s career was in national and
international client retention, sales, worldwide corporate communications, and general management for AON, Hewitt Associates, and Kraft. She has worked with and managed clients of all sizes and
industries. She holds a Masters Degree in Media Studies from the New School for Social Research,
where she studied both traditional and emerging media. She holds a certificate from the Harvard
Business School executive education program in Managing Professional Service Firms.
Kate Xenelis is a Group Product Manager for Civicom, and is responsible for developing new products,
including new virtual research methods. She developed and is director of Civicom’s transcription and
Dial-A-Note services. She is lead account manager for several large marketing research clients of
Civicom. She is an expert in all of Civicom’s virtual marketing research services, and is responsible for
working with the Civicom technology department on mapping out new features for technical
development. She has advised many QRCA members whom she met through QRCA meetings in
Vancouver and Ft. Lauderdale, and at the AQR meeting in Barcelona.
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Rebecca West
Email address
[email protected]
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Civicom, Inc. P.O. Box 4689, Greenwich, CT 06831
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Fax (including area/country code)
Full name of additional speaker
Kate Xenelis
Email address
[email protected]
Mailing/shipping address
Civicom, Inc. P.O. Box 4689, Greenwich, CT 06831
Phone (including area/country code)
Fax (including area/country code)
Full name of additional speaker
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Mailing/shipping address
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additional page.
The deadline for all applications is MARCH 20, 2009
Please email your completed application form to [email protected]
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Or fax your completed application form to 651-290-2266, ATTN: DARRIN
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