35 points - ______ = ________ pts.
Name __________________________
This is a fourth quarter test.
A. Directions
 The paper is due Friday, April 23 at the beginning of class.
 If you are absent for any reason the paper must be emailed to your teacher by the
beginning of your class period. A printed copy must be given to your teacher when
you return to school.
 There will be a 10% penalty for each day the paper is late.
 This direction sheet must be attached. Minus 5 points if not attached _________
 Points will be assigned based on evidence of thought and effort.
 The reflection must have an introduction and conclusion. Minus 2 points if either is
missing. ________
Grammar, spelling and punctuation—Points will be subtracted from the total
a. 1 point subtracted for each three errors of grammar, spelling and punctuation—
b. Capitalize God, Catholic Church, and pronouns for God and the Church
c. No texting language (r, u, k, etc)
d. No second person (you) unless you are speaking directly to the teacher
_______ /6 B. Format
1. Procedures: 1 point subtracted for items done incorrectly or missing.
a. Title page
Times New Roman font
12 point type
Double spaced (no quadruple space between paragraphs).
1 inch margins on each margin of each page including the first (check your settings:
File, Page set up, margins).
f. Approximately three pages
_______/29 C. Content
_____/10 1. Most Challenging Unit of Study (10 pts)
a. Which unit of study challenged you the most to reevaluate, rethink, revisit your
attitudes and beliefs on an issue?
b. What opinions, beliefs or attitudes of yours were specifically challenged?
c. What ethical principle/s did you use?
d. What article, video, discussion etc specifically helped you to reconsider your
beliefs? Cite at least 2 different items.
e. What changes have you made or are trying to make in your thoughts/actions as a
result? Be specific.
_____/13 2. Moral Decision Making (13 pts)
a. Identify a recent (junior or senior year) moral decision you have made or are
trying to make.
b. What brought you to face this as a moral decision?
c. Identify the ethical principles (more than one) you used/are using to make the
d. Explain how you applied/are applying the principles to make that decision.
e. How did/does your understanding of sin influence your decision making in this
area? Be specific.
f. How did/does religious assent or legitimate dissent influence your thought
process? Be specific.
g. What impact did/does your relationship with the Church have on your moral
decision making? Explain.
h. What are the consequences (advantages and disadvantages) of making/having
made this decision? Explain.
_____/6 3. Evaluate yourself as a student of Christian Ethics and Catholic Morality. Be
specific by commenting and explaining. (6 pts)
a. How has your personal conscience changed this year? Be specific.
b. How open have you been throughout the year to forming your conscience? Why?
c. What is the most important thing you learned from participating in this class?
Explain how/why that is important to you.
Some ethical principles to consider when answering part C; this is not an exclusive list.
1. All humans are made in the image and likeness of God
2. All humans have dignity
3. The end does not justify the means
4. Judge the action not the actor
5. As Jesus, we are called to compassion and solidarity through thoughts, prayers and action.
6. Freedom is never merely about the individual
7. Christian freedom requires a link between freedom and truth.
8. Christians are most free when we act in accordance with who God wants us to be
9. Inviolability of conscience
10. Rights and responsibility of the Church to teach on morality
11. The Consistent Ethic of Life.