Ethics 2: Continuing Education Course

Ethics 2: Continuing Education Course
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Section One:
(30 minutes)
The Nature of Morality – Review of Ethics 1
A. What it means to have moral principles, the nature of conscience, and the
relationship between morality & self-interest.
B. The place of values and ideals in a person’s life
C. The social & psychological factors that sometimes jeopardize integrity.
Section Two:
(75 minutes)
A. Normative Theories of Morality
1. Consequentialist
2. Nonconsequentialist
3. Kant’s Theory
B. Moral Principles
1. Definitions:
a. Ethics
b. Moral
c. Ethical Relativism
d. Moral Standards
2. Personal values and individual integrity
3. Impact of personal values on corporate integrity
Section Three: (60 minutes)
A. Impact of morality in today’s business environment
1. Bribes/kickbacks
2. Harassment
3. Product Safety
B. Enforced morality vs. corporate obligations
1. Mandatory drug testing
2. Affirmative Action
3. Civil liberties