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Sacramento City Unified School District
5735 47th Avenue
Sacramento, CA
Report Date:
Nov. 18, 2008
Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2008; 1:00 PM
ISO 9001:2000
Audit Standard(s):
NACE Code(s):
Audit Date:
Scope of Audit: This was an audit of discovery to help prepare Library & Textbook Services
for certification.
To determine the compliance to the ProMS System regarding the Library & Textbooks
Services area in Elementary Curriculum.
Number of employees:
Audit Results:
Audit Team
Total: 7
Largest Shift: 7
Total Number of Elements/Clauses with
Approval recommended: 
Approval not recommended: 
7/6/06, Rev. B
Denise Auzenne and Glenda Carter
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Audit Summary:
Closing meeting with management representative(s) of the department was conducted on:
Nov. 18, 2008
Time: 1:00 p.m.
Management review:
Internal quality audits
Corrective and preventive action
Corrective and preventive actions were effectively implemented and in
compliance with the requirements of the ISO standard.
General comments:
The purpose of this audit was to prepare Library & Textbooks Services (LTS) for ISO 9001
This was an initial meeting with the Library and Textbook Services Department. This department has
not yet been ISO Certified.
Library and Textbook Services deals with purchasing, bar-coding and distributing books and textbooks
to the K-12 sites. They provide teachers and schools access to search remotely for available books
and provide the Curriculum and Open Court alignment information for each book. They work as a
team with sites to train new library workers, weed out old books, and organize site libraries.
Process Management System 4.0: Process Management System Document Control.
Introduced Department individuals to the document templates and ISO Web Site. Discussed the
importance of the organization of the department to decide which documents and forms would be
important to begin the process.
Management Responsibility 5.0: Quality Policy and Lower Level Quality Objectives.
Discussed with the Department what Quality Policy and Lower Level Quality Objectives would be, how
to determine them within the Department and the need and importance of having them measurable.
Reviewed Resource Management 6.0: Training, Employee Performance
Did not discuss this process with the initial visit.
Reviewed Product Realization 7.0: Product Realization
Did not discuss with this initial visit.
7/6/06, Rev. B
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Corrective Action: None
Recommend that ProMS be available to help assist in any questions or assistance Library and
Textbook services may need while they work on documents and forms as they begin the process.
Positive Comment:
It was a pleasure to speak with Martha Rowland and Donna Morinaga. It is amazing to hear about the
amount of work they accomplish for both Library and Textbook services with the staff available. Dr.
Lee Yang was available during the session. He had been part of the process of bring the Curriculum
Department into ISO standards and would be available to assist this department in starting the
process as well.
General comments from the Audit Team:
Submitted by:
7/6/06, Rev. B
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