Biodiversity WebQuest

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Biodiversity WebQuest: What factors influence the diversity of a habitat?
Task 1: Selecting your habitat.
1. Which two habitats/biomes did you select to use?
2. Briefly describe each habitat type.
3. Which one do you predict is a more biodiverse habitat? What lead you to
this conclusion?
Task 2: Determining what factors influence biodiversity.
1. Hypothesis: What factors do you predict have an influence on the overall
biodiversity of a habitat?
Name __________________________________
2. Based on the biomes map, where in the world are your two habitat types
3. Based on the biodiversity map, which of your habitats is more diverse?
Do any major hotspots exist in either?
4. Write a summary of the data displayed in the data graphs given to you.
What factors did you determine have an impact on the amount of
biodiversity in a habitat? What evidence do you have to support this?
Vascular plant map discussion:
Temperature vs precipitation discussion:
Incoming solar energy discussion:
Precipitation map discussion:
Temperature map discussion: