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Interior Design
Participating in leadership activities is a requirement of Career and Technical Education Classes in accordance
with RCW 28C.04.100 Career and technical education — Plans — Standards — Technical assistance —
Leadership development. Leadership points are a part of your grade. All the activities MUST be completed
within the trimester you are enrolled.
Parents may not provide the documentation for the leadership activity, unless of course they are the adult leader.
Leadership projects can be turned in at any time. There are two due dates for Leadership points – 50 points due at
Midterm and 50 points due two weeks before the end of the trimester. If you miss the midterm due date, you can still
complete the required 100 points later in the trimester, but those points will be applied to your grade at the end of the
Student & parent attend open house/SLC and sign-in with teacher (20 pts.)
One absence or less per trimester (2 tardies=1 absence) (30 pts.)
Participate in a department fundraiser (15 pts.)
Actively participates in FCCLA (points vary, up to 100 for active participation)
Blood Drive (10 pts.)
Spirit Days (5 pts. per day – must see teacher that day)
Join a club of interest at school, e.g. FBLA, TSA, DECA, Key Club, Yearbook, etc.
Attend meetings and get advisors signature {3 meetings min} (20)
Participate in a school sport/drama production/performing group (30)
Hold an office in any school leadership organization. (20)
Attend a SKHS Art/Music/Drama/Sporting event (5)
Design and put up a classroom bulletin board (must be pre-approved by teacher).
Attend a student leadership organization State or Regional Conference.
{Advisor signature __________________Conference Type _______________Date_________}
Complete a career search or attend a career/college speaker (25 pts write-up)
Attend a career/college fair (25 pts with write-up)
Prepare a written report on the opportunities, working conditions and education/experience
requirements of a CTE related occupation of your choice. Paper must have bibliographic
references for sources and be in your own words. {Must be done on the computer}(25 pts)
Write and submit a newspaper article about CTE and how it prepares you for the future (25 pts)
COMMUNITY SERVICE-please provide written documentation with a signature
Cleaning your work area in the classroom – disinfecting wipes provided - one point each time –
must have teacher signature:
 __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
Voluntary community service work (10 per hours, max. 30)
Be an active member of Scouts, Explorer Scouts, or ROTC. Include a write-up (30 points)
Be an active member of a church youth group, choir, or community service org. Include a write-up (20 pts.)
Actively participate in a school food drive/ Adopt-a-Family. (points will vary)
Attend a student council, School Board, or city/county gov. meeting; include a write-up (10 pts. Each)
Spend time at a senior center (points will vary)
Help with a community organized event (parade, cleanup, walkathon etc.) (10 per hour, 30 max.)
Participate in a Job Shadow or Take your Son/Daughter to Work Day; include a write-up (20 pts.)
Write a paper on a career of your choice (minimum 250 words). (see teacher for requirements)
Arrange for a classroom guest speaker. Must be discussed and prearranged with your teacher at least 2
weeks in advance. (25 pts.)
Read a book about a leader/leadership. Write a 250-word report (book(s) must be pre-approved by
teacher). (25 pts.)
NO disciplinary incidents, referrals, or disruptive class behavior (including no cell phone use). This can
ONLY be applied at the end of the trimester and will be verified by your teacher. (20 pts)
Bring in 10 interior design information magazines (10 pts.)
Dress in a color scheme (identify which one and be correct) (5 pts.)
Draw a floor plan of a room in your house using correct techniques (10 pts.; 30 pts. Max.)
Organize/straighten out materials used in class (5 pts.)
MIDTERM DUE DATE: ______________________/50 PTS.
FINAL DUE DATE: _________________________/100 PTS.
Description of Activity-you may also need to complete a written
component to earn the points (see above or your teacher)
TOTAL _______
The due date for Leadership points is FINAL. No late exceptions.
Keep this original print out given to you at the start of the trimester to earn 10 extra credit leadership points.
This form was handed out on ___________. (The date must be written here for extra credit)
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