Leah Di Vincenzo - ms. di vincenzo

Leah Di Vincenzo
30 Midex, Al Ain, UAE, 88888
[email protected]
Master in Education
Graduate Diploma in Education
Bachelor of Arts, Honours – English Literature
Bachelor of Arts – International Development
Murdoch University
University of Melbourne
University of British Columbia
University of Guelph
An educator who takes an interdisciplinary approach to learning, seeking to foster critical
thinking skills and inspire a lifelong passion for learning while capitalizing upon the diverse
range of talents and interests that each student brings to the classroom.
Al Badiya School (United Arab Emirates)
September 2011 - Present
English: Grade 10, 11 & 12
 Differentiated instruction for extremely diverse English language abilities within the
same classroom.
 Developed modified curriculum to accommodate EFL needs, while also incorporating
preparation for high stakes testing and university entrance exams.
 Responsible for curating and creating all resources for Grade 10,11 and 12 English.
 Initiated a sustained reading program in order to promote student interest in reading while
assessing and improving reading skills.
 Utilized Edmodo to develop online discussion forums focused on students’ real-world
experiences, helping to develop students’ vocabulary and writing skills in an engaging
 Provided parents with bilingual reports informing them of topics being studied in class
and due dates for major projects.
 Constructed lesson plans with student-centered activities to promote cooperative learning.
Jung Charl Learning Academy (South Korea)
September 2010 – April 2011
EFL – Middle School
 Assisted students with language acquisition through a combination of interactive group
work and independent study.
 Developed students’ reading and essay writing skills through a variety of learner-centered
 Employed task-based learning strategies to assess students’ understanding of new
 Prepared monthly videos to be sent to parents in order to track students’ development and
involve parents in the learning process.
Busanjin Girls Commercial High School (South Korea)
September 2009 – August 2010
Commercial English: Grades 10 & 11
English: Grades 10 & 11
 Provided extra-curricular training for students competing to enter the Global Leaders
Initiative – a three month internship in Australia. Five of the six students trained were
chosen to participate in this highly competitive program.
 Used a variety of student-centered approaches to build students’ confidence in their
English speaking abilities.
 Created a class website which provided students with assessment rubrics, weekly updates
and summaries, additional help and handouts, and links to EFL assistance.
 Designed curriculum and all course materials for the Commercial English course.
 Worked alongside Korean co-teachers to successfully build positive working
relationships based upon co-operative goals and methods.
 Trained student teachers from Pusan National University in co-teaching methods.
 Achieved top marks in the end of year open class assessment.
 Winter and Summer Camp: helped students develop their conversational skills through
the use of games and interactive activities.
 Taught extra-curricular English conversation classes to advanced level students.
Designed a project-based Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) which utilizes blogging,
class discussion boards and wikis to create information (www.modelunmooc.weebly.com)
Strong belief in utilizing online collaborative tools such as Edmodo, Wikis, and blogging to
develop student learning both in and outside the classroom.
Model UN
 Developed the curriculum for a Model United Nations Course
 Designed a collaborative online course to prepare students for the skills required to
participate in a Model UN, thus freeing up teacher time in after-school programs to focus on
debate skills (see website under IT interests).
Currently working towards a Masters in Education with Murdoch University (Dubai
Campus). Focused primarily on curriculum design and modification and developing blended
learning environments through the creation of online courses.
Attended monthly workshops with the Abu Dhabi Education Council. Topics included
CEPA Exam training, differentiated instruction, gradual release, and curriculum training.
Received additional training through EPIK (English Program in Korea) on co-teaching in the
classroom and effective EFL practices.
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