ICRT Script All: Fall 2015

Freshman English: ICRT Script All
Part 1: Numbers (Stock Market and Weather Forecast)
20150706 AM
The Tai-Ex (Taiwan Stock Exchange Market 台灣證券交易市場;台股) opened down(下跌)
48-points this morning from Friday's close, at 9,309 on turnover (成交量) of
1.1-billion N-T.
(04: 37)
Looking at the weather across Taiwan ... We can expect .... Partly cloudy skies
and occasional(偶而的)showers islandwide(全島的) - with a high(高溫) of 36 in the
Taipei and Taichong areas and a high of 33 in Gaoxiong. Current(目前的)
Temperatures .... Taipei – 32;Taichung – 31;Gaoxiong – 30
20150708 AM
The Tai-Ex opened down 24-points this morning from yesterday's close, at
9,225 on turnover of 1.4-billion N-T.
Looking at the weather across Taiwan ... We can expect .... Partly cloudy skies
and occasional showers in the north, with a high of 34 in the Taipei. Mostly
cloudy skies and occasional showers or thundershowers in the center, with a
high of 33 in Taichong. And cloudy skies with showers or thundershowers in
the south, with a high of 31 in the Gaoxiong area. Current Temperatures ....;
Taipei – 34; Taichung – 31; Gaoxiong -- 27
20150713 AM
The Tai-Ex opened up 62 points this morning, at 8976.3, on turnover of 3.83
billion NT.
Looking at the weather across Taiwan today. The Central Weather Bureau(中央
氣象局) says we can expect partly cloudy skies in the north, with a high of 35 in
the Taipei area.... and partly cloudy skies with occasional showers or
thunderstorms in the center and south, with a high of 32 in Taichung and
Kaohsiung........... Current Temperatures .... Taipei – 32;Taizhong –
29;Gaoxiong – 28
Part 2: Typhoon
20150703 AM
The Central Weather Bureau(中央氣象局) says tropical storm(熱帶暴風; 輕度颱風)
Lin-Fa(蓮花)could begin to affect the island as early as Sunday. The storm is
currently located some 1-thousand kilometers southeast of Ou-Lun-Bi(鵝鑾鼻)
and the island's southernmost tip. Lin-Fa is moving in a north-westerly
direction at speeds averaging12-kilometers-an-hour(以每小時 12 公里平均速度). The
storm is packing(挾帶;攜帶)sustained wind(平均風速)speeds of
64-kilometers-an-hour, with gusts(瞬間強風)of up to 90--kilometers-an-hour.
20150706 AM
The Central Weather Bureau issued(發佈)a sea warning for Tropical Storm (熱
帶暴風; 輕度颱風)Lin-Fa(蓮花)at 8:30 this morning. A land warning for Lin-Fa could
be issued this evening at the earliest(最快). The storm is currently located some
400-kilometers south of the island's southernmost tip - and is moving at a
speed of 9-kilometers per hour in a north-northwesterly direction. Lin-Fa is
packing(挾帶;攜帶) sustained wind(平均風速)speeds of 82-kilometers-an-hour,
with gusts(瞬間強風)of 108-kilometers-an-hour. The weather bureau says the
storm remains unstable, and is warning of possible heavy rain, strong winds
and flash flooding(山洪爆發)in the south and southeast.
20150805 AM
The Central Weather Bureau is warning of heavy rains, strong winds and
possible damage as Super Typhoon Soudelor(超級颱風蘇迪勒)continues to bear
down on(向…逼近)the north and northeast. The weather bureau says it could
issue(發佈)a sea warning by noon tomorrow and a land warning Thursday
evening at the earliest(最快). Soudelor is currently located some
1,700-kilometers east-southeast of Taipei and moving in a west-northwesterly
direction at 20-kilometers-an-hour. The super typhoon is packing maximum
sustained wind(平均最大風速)speed of 208-kilometers-an-hour, with gusts(瞬間
up to 262-kilometers-an-hour.
Part 3: Water Park Explosion
20150629 AM
The New Taipei city government has revised downward(向下修正) the number
of people injured Saturday at the Formosa Fun Coast Water Park(八仙水上樂園).
The figure has been revised downward to 498 from an earlier figure of 524.
According to the New Taipei Public Health Department, the 498 people injured
are being treated(治療)at 43 hospitals across the island. Officials are citing the
downwards revision on some of the injured being counted twice after being
transferred to different hospitals. Of the injured, 202 remain in serious
conditions(處於病重狀態). Officials say colored powder ignited after being
discharged from the stage onto the audience.
20150703 AM
The Ministry of Health says 184 burn victims remain in critical condition(處於病
Saturday's fire at a water park in New Taipei. Two people have
died. Currently, 495 people who were injured in the fire are being treated(治療)
at 41 hospitals across the island. Among them, 241 are in intensive care units
(ICU; 加護病房)or on burn wards(病房)and 184 are listed as in critical condition.
The Aviation Safety Council(飛安委員會)has released(公佈)data showing the pilot
of the Trans Asia Airways(復興航空) plane which crashed in Taipei on February
4th switched off the working engine after the other lost power(失去動力).
According to the council's initial report into the accident, the mistake was
detected about two minutes after the crew found that one engine had flamed
out shortly after takeoff. Fifteen of the 58 people on board survived the
20150713 AM
A fifth burn victim died on Sunday morning as a result of injuries sustained
during the fire at Formosa Coast Fun Water Park(八仙水上樂園)in New Taipei on
June 27. Taipei Tzu Chi General Hospital(台北慈濟醫院) announced the death of
22-year-old Huang Hsiao-hsuan says her injuries led to general infection and
multiple organ failure(多重器官衰竭). Hospital officials say Huang's mother had
asked to donate her organs or body to medical science, but her condition
made such a donation impossible. Huang was diagnosed as suffering from
fourth degree burns over 90 percent of her body after the fire, which was
triggered when the colored powder used during the "Color Play Asia" party at
the water park exploded. As of Saturday, 406 of the nearly 500 injured
remained hospitalized, with 274 in intensive care (加護病房)and 214 in critical
Part 4: Curriculum Guidelines
20150706 AM
Students rallied(集結)outside the Ministry of Education in Taipei Sunday - as
they protested government plans to change school curriculum guidelines(課綱).
Over 100 students gathered in front of the ministry building, as they protested
the Ma administration's(馬政府的)moves(行動;處置) to ask "district organizations"
to hold conferences for a review to high school curriculum guidelines. The
head of the anti-curriculum guideline alliance(反課綱聯盟)is demanding a
response from the government by this Friday - or it says there will be more
protests if their demand is not met by the July 10 deadline.
20150724 AM
Police in Taipei arrested 33 people earlier this morning for breaking-in to the
Ministry of Education building during a protest against government revisions to
high school curriculum guidelines. According to police, 18 of those arrested
were detained after gaining entry into the office of Education Minister Wu
Si-hua. The mainly student protesters have been camped outside the ministry
building since Wednesday.
20150724 PM
Education Ministry officials have explained their insistence on seeking
prosecution of intruders who broke into the ministry building, saying that
tolerance has only led to heightened illegal actions carried out by protesters.
Education officials says since June 24th, student protesters have climbed over
the Ministry's walls three times either to splash paint on the building or to stage
(舉行) a sit-in(靜坐抗議). Officials say no charges(控告)were pressed(強加於)
at the time because they're students, but that attitude has only given rise to
more illegal behavior. Officials say the break-in(闖入)last night was serious and
the Education Ministry has decided to respect police and prosecutors'
suggestions to pursue legal action. Thirty-three people protesting changes to
high school curriculum guidelines were arrested last night for breaking into the
Minister's office. According to police, 24 of those arrested were students, three
were reporters and six were members of the general population(一般大眾).
Part 5: The Greek Bailout
20150710 AM
Turning to international news.....
Greece met their deadline on Thursday for delivering a series of proposals to
its creditors before midnight. The package of reforms raised hopes that Greece
can get a rescue deal that will prevent an exit from the euro(歐盟). The
government caved into(向…屈服)demands for a new round of austerity
measures(樽節措施), including sales tax hikes(提高), and cuts(削減),in state (國家\
的),spending for pensions that the left-leaning(左傾的), Greek government had
long resisted. Greece said in return, it would seek a commitment(承諾), from
creditors to negotiate for the restructuring of the country's long-term(長期的),
debt. The government scheduled an emergency vote in parliament late today
to win backing(支持), for the belt-tightening(強制性的節約), plan. Finance officials
from the European institutions and the International Monetary Fund(IMF; 國際貨幣
基金會), were to fine-comb(仔細檢視), through the package today before the 19
eurozone(歐元區),finance ministers assess it on Saturday.
20150722 PM
Greek lawmakers have began another emergency debate on further economic
reforms demanded by international creditors in return for a new bailout(紓困; 緊
急援助), The vote could threaten the survival of the coalition government (聯合政
府)and trigger fresh fears over the country's future in the euro(歐盟). The vote
on changes to the judicial and banking sectors is one of the requirements that
Greece's European creditors insisted upon for negotiations on a third bailout
worth around 85 billion euros(歐元) to begin. After losing the support of a large
chunk of his own party's lawmakers during a vote last week on a
creditor-demanded austerity measures(樽節措施), Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras
is having to rely on support from pro-European opposition parties(支持歐盟的反對
黨), to gain parliamentary approval. Negotiations with creditors are expected to
start soon after the vote The Greek government hopes that they conclude
before Aug. 20, when Greece must repay(償還),loans worth more than 3 billion
euros to the European Central Bank.
20150810 PM
Greece and its bailout creditors are working on the final details of a new
multi-billion euros(歐元) rescue loan (救援貸款). They hope to have the country's
parliament approve it later this the week. The Finance and Economy ministers
have held new talks with officials from the European Union(歐盟)and
International Monetary Fund(IMF; 國際貨幣基金會), following intensive weekend
meetings that stretched into early Monday. Greece's third bailout deal(紓困案) in
just over five years must be signed, approved by other European countries and
partially disbursed by Aug. 20, when Athens needs more than 3 billion euros(歐
元) to repay(償還) the European Central Bank. The radical left government(激進的
左派政府) hopes Greece's parliament can ratify the agreement by Friday, when
finance ministers from other European countries that use the euro currency(貨
幣) have a scheduled meeting.
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