operating instructions for the star x

CAT. NO. XRD 612, XRD 810, AND XRD 1012
Check unit before using.
1. Plug unit in a 110 volt or 220 volt outlet, Lift cover
2. Turn Safelight Switch with indicator Light to on. Two safelight bulbs will go on. This will permit the
positioning of the duplicating film over the original x - rays to be duplicated in the dark room.
3. Set time to 10 seconds, depress Timer Button and see if indicator light and ultraviolet lamp are on. If not, remove
clear Platen and white defuser and see if lamp is set properly in sockets.
5. Open Latch and lift Cover.
6. Film Positioning for Size 2 and Extraoral Size Duplicating Film
Duplicating film is a single emulsion film. The new KODAK X - OMAT 2 Duplicating Film is “salmon - pink”
on the emulsion side and “forest green” on the non - emulsion side. The duplicating film MUST be positioned
with the emulsion side (“salmon - pink”) towards the light source. If the film is positioned non - emulsion side
toward the light source you will not get an image. The backing on the non - emulsion side of this film is designed
to prevent light from passing back through the film. In doing so, it eliminates potential blur creating a sharper
When duplicating Size 2 film be sure to align the pin dot of the Size 2 KODAK X - OMAT 2 Duplicating Film
with the “inverted dot” or “dimple” of the Size 2 film. Again, the emulsion side of the duplicating film must be
positioned toward the light source. General instructions are on the side of the carton. More detailed instructions
for duplicating Size 2 film are included inside the carton.
If using a large format duplicating machine, another method for ensuring proper positioning of the duplicating film
is to position the notches
on the duplicating film either on the UPPER RIGHT corner or the LOWER LEFT corner. If an overhead light
source is being used the exact opposite positioning of the notches would apply (lower right, upper left). There are
no instructions provided with the Extraoral size duplicating films
Close Cover and Latch.
Turn Timer Dial to 10 seconds.
Depress Timer Button and duplicating of x - rays will begin.
After duplicating cycle has ended, lift cover and remove duplicated film.
Place film in processing tank and develop in same manner as regular x - ray film.
If an automatic processor is used, developing time must be set at slowest speed.
Average duplicating time is 10 seconds. This could vary by the density of the original or the desired density of the
14. If density of the duplicate is too dark, set exposure time to 15 seconds, if still too dark, set exposure at 20
seconds. If too light, set exposure at 5 seconds.
15. Duplicating film is a direct positive film, the relationship of exposure to image density is directly opposite that of
dental x - ray film. Therefore,
If density of duplicate is too dark - increase exposure time until desired result is reached.
If density of duplicate is too light - decrease exposure time until desired result is reached.
16. Developing solution must be kept constantly fresh. Failure to do so will result in poor duplications, i.e. lack of
contrast, or grayish background. Use manufacturers recommended developing instructions, such as Kodak, F.R., or
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