Lord of the Flies Book to Film Comparison Assignment

Lord of the Flies Book to Film Comparison Assignment
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1) Adapting a book into a film seems to be very popular with film makers. Why do you
think that LORD OF THE FLIES was chosen to be adapted for the screen? (2 POINTS)
2) Identify THREE qualities the book has that might make it an interesting film? Provide
examples where necessary to explain. (3 POINTS)
As you have already seen from previous work on how different media tell stories, it is
impossible for a film to tell a story in exactly the same way as a book (and vice versa).
There will be additions and omissions. This does not necessarily mean that one is better
than another, it means they are different.
Using the chart below, identify 5 SIMILARITIES AND 10 DIFFERENCES between the novel
and the film adaptation.
Guiding questions to assist in identifying differences:
1) Were any of the characters altered? (personality, physical traits, etc)
2) Are they the most central characters or others?
3) Were there any changes to the plot?
4) Were there any changes to the plot sequence?
5) Were there any changes to setting or scene descriptions?
6) Are different themes or symbols more emphasized?