Subject Files (non-photo) - Belvedere

Belvedere-Tiburon Landmarks Society History Collections
A History of Tiburon Peninsula, Marin IJ 1970
Angel Island –
Angel Island Chronology (1966)
News Clips
Ayala Day & Dedication (1970)
Christmas for Chinese in Detention
Camps – Foshay Spotlight, Dec. 1928
Angel Island Day Souvenir Program, 9/21/1952
Ferry 1984-85
Vignettes of A.I. (1993)
Architecture –
Belvedere, Part II
Belvedere Landmark Designation
Architectural Survey, Vol. I – Beach Rd.
II – Bella Vista
III – Golden Gate/Belvedere Ave.
IV – Bayview/Misc. Belvedere/Corinthian
V – Tiburon and elsewhere
201 Bayview Ave.
230 Bayview Ave.
100 Beach Rd. (Cove House)
276 Beach Rd. – see Breitzmann, Annie
296 Beach Rd.
312 Beach Rd.
130 Bella Vista (See BWB Files)
416 Golden Gate Ave.
428 Golden Gate Ave. (Rey House; See Jane Rey Coll. Box on B2)
433 Golden Gate Ave. (See Kretchmer)
440 Golden Gate Ave. – Blanding House
1 Laurel
8 West Shore (Moffitt Mansion)
3344 Paradise Dr.
6 San Rafael Ave.
Fisher – Friedman Projects (Legal Sized Drawer)
Historic Resources Survey - Information
Historic Resources
Research by Joseph Baird
Tiburon – 34 Linda Vista (stone castle)
Ark Row
Audubon Society
Belvedere –
1776-1976 - U. S. Bicentennial Independence Celebration
1896-1972 -75th Anniversary of Incorporation
1896-1982 - 85th Anniversary of Incorporation
1896-1987 - 90th Anniversary of Incorporation/U.S. Constitution Bi-Centennial
1890-1990 Centennial of Founding of Belvedere Land Co.
1896-1996 Centennial of Incorporation
Architectural Preservation Ordinance
“Beautiful Belvedere” Sheet Music 1896 (legal size drawer)
City of Belvedere at the Millennium
Community Center
Fire and Police (David Imrie Collection)
Golf & Country Club
Grocery Store
Historical Buildings
Hotel – Belvedere Hotel & Hotel Belvedere
Land Company
Lagoon (magazine article, oversize drawer)
Memories/Personal Histories
Nursery School
Pear Tree
Recreation Commission (pre-Tiburon merger)
School District – “Leonard Report,” 1940
Tennis Club
Water Source History
West Shore
Belvederean, 1895 (Bastian Copy w/notes)
Belvedere/Tiburon Joint Recreation
Belvedere/Tiburon Real Estate
Belveron – see scrapbook
Blackie and his Pasture
Trestle Berm Restoration 2007 -2012
Boardwalk Shopping Center & Businesses
Boats & Yachts
Boundary Line (Belvedere-Tiburon)
Boy Scouts – Troop #9
California City Hotel at 4200 Paradise Dr.
Updated 3/25/15
California Nautical School (Maritime Academy)
Chamber of Commerce (Tiburon Peninsula)
China Cabin –
Non Photo File
Before Restoration
City of Belvedere issues
Bed 1982
Nomination to the National Register of Historical Places (1998)
Paper found behind walls
Plans, Drawings, & Maps
Press ClippingsPlans
Printed Images
School Visits
Tax Exemption
Webb Institute
PMSS China Model - 2009
PMSS China & Japan
Seward’s Account
China Camp, San Rafael
Coaling Station
Codfishery (Belvedere, West Shore)
Corinthian Island
Corinthian Island Centennial 1907-2007 (House Tour Box)
Corinthian Yacht Club
Dairy Farming
Marin Co.
Donahue Building –
Eugenia Marans #1
Eugenia Marans #2 (Clippings)
Historic Preservation – Vickie Arnett Documents
Governor’s Award
Willard Cox Sketch
Donahue Landing
Drake, Francis
El Campo (also see Tiburon Map Drawer)
Elephant Rock
Ferries – Also see the Northwesterner Spring/Summer 1995
Flora of Tiburon Peninsula 1963
Golden Gate Bridge
Greyhound Bus Transportation
Updated 3/25/15
Highways (S.F. – Tiburon Bridge & 101)
Homes Legacy Project (2012)
Homes Legacy Project – St. Stephens House Tour Brochures,
St. Stephens House Tour - Clippings (Legal
Size Drawer)
Keil Cove
Landmarks Art & Garden Center
Landmarks Society Events/Fundraisers (in separate file drawer)
Landmarks Society Files (in separate file drawer)
Library (Belvedere-Tiburon) (“First a Dream” – Tiburon “R” Archives Library)
- New building dedication 1997
Lyford House (also see legal drawer – L. Little File)
Lyford’s Cove (also see Hygeia Maps in Tiburon Map Drawer)
Lyford’s Tower (also see Von Rusen file O/S Drawer #1)
(also see Hygeia Maps in Tiburon Map Drawer)
Lyford’s Tower Painting 2006
Maps (Box Shelf L4) –
Marin County
Marin County –
Land Grants
Mill Valley
Point Reyes
Property Records Research
Marin County Land Grants
Marin County Souvenir Book, 12/1/1893
Mothers Club (Belvedere)
Mothers Club (Belvedere & Tiburon) – Cook Books, Vol. 1 & 2
Mothers Club (Tiburon)
Net Depot 1940 - 1958 (also see Tiburon Map Drawer)
A Night in Venice – 1894-1899
A Night in Venice – Revivals
Oceanographic Center (Moved to Tiburon Marine Lab.)
Old St. Hilary’s (Box on Shelf) –
Updated 3/25/15
Art & Images/Cards & Notes
Bird House
Building Use & History
Dakin Agreements, Correspondence & Memorial, 1967-70
John Thomas Howell Botanical Garden
Kite Day
Needlepoint Pew Cushions, completed 2007
Caroline Livermore Vista point, 1968-70
Open Space
Plans & Site maps
Stations of the Cross, 2007
Olsen Boat Works – Also see Tiburon – Hobbs Property
Pacific Motorboat Club
Paradise Cay
Paradise Park / Tiburon Uplands
Parks & Recreation (Belvedere-Tiburon)
Personalities [See Separate Listing]
Post Office (Belvedere-Tiburon)
Powder Works
Railroad –
Vol I – Older Materials
Vol II – Histories
Vol III – Newer Materials
Vol IV – Clippings: Tiburon & Non-Tiburon
Engine #112
Kay Collection
Maps – Marin Co.
Oral histories
Strawberry Line
Tiburon (Clippings)
Tunnels & Trestles
Yard –
Deed List
Development (1958 – 85 clippings)
Downtown Plans – Railroad Property/Point Tiburon (1977-86)
Southern Pacific Plan (Kleinert)
Gallows Wheels & Frame
Maps [also see shelf B5]
Red Cross – Ark (Belvedere, San Rafael)
Reed House/Barn – Deffebach
Reed Schools
Updated 3/25/15
Reed Union School District – (also see Schools)
Richardson Bay Audubon Center
Richardson Bay Tidelands/Reedsport (Also see Steinhardt Coll. & Legal size
Richardson Bay Documentary 2007 (“Turning the Tide”)
Richardson Land Grant/Rancho Sausalito (1875) (legal size drawer)
Ring Mountain
Ring Mountain – (Also see “The Cultural History of Ring Mt.” Library - Bel/Tib)
Draft EIR with comments from Tib. Hills Homeowners Assn.
Development 1975-1980 (2 Folders & General Land use Issues)
Kleinert File (Legal Size Drawer – 2 folders)
[also see Reports/EIR’s – Library L3]
Romberg Tiburon Center 1978 – (also see Net Depot & Legal Size Drawer and
Tiburon Marine Lab)
Saint Hilary’s Parish (also see St. Hilary’s newsletters L – 4)
San Francisco
San Francisco Yacht Club –
Yearbooks (1869-1928, 1900, 1902, 1904)
San Quentin
Ship breaking & salvaging
Strawberry –
Sisters of Mercy Retreat
Sisters of the Holy Family
Also see legal size drawer L. Little Strawberry file
Tiburon – Anniversaries: in box on Tiburon shelf A3:
5th & 10th Anniversary Celebrations (1969 & 1974)
25th Anniversary
50th Anniversary
1984 Tiburon Centennial Celebration
Anniversaries (1989, 1994, 1999, 2004)
Annexation 1966-84
Art Festival/Art by the Bay
Bel Air Estates
-Moore Collection
Bike Path (R.B. Lineal Park) – Old Rail Trail 2013
Businesses (Also see Legal Size) (also see Main St. Businesses)
1694-96 Tiburon Boulevard Renovation (2015)
Development –
Updated 3/25/15
Clippings 1950’s-60’s
Clippings 1970’s-90’s
Mimi Berticevich Files 1966 – 67 (legal size drawer)
Edgar Reed’s clippings (1950’s-60’s)
Downtown Plans & Review (1970 & 1974) (also see legal size & oversize
Downtown Plaza Art Project (2003-2006)
Drainage/Flooding (Oversize Drawer)
Fire Protection
Gilmartin Bond Specimen 1984 (legal size drawer)
Government/Town Council
Heritage & Arts Commission
Hilarita Housing (also see legal size – L. Little Collection
Highway – Realignment Debate 1973-77 (legal size drawer)
Historic Landmarks
History –
Redwood Empire Review 11/1954
Bran Fanning Articles & other clippings
Hobbs Property – “Kozy Cove” (also see Olsen Boat Works)
Homeowners Associations & Neighborhoods
Tiburon Hwy. (Blvd.) Kleinert Files
Highway & Alto Wye.
Incorporation/First City Council
Incorporation – Newspaper clippings
Information Station Sign
Lighting District History (Kleinert Coll.) (Legal size Drawer)
1 of 2
2 of 2
Little Reed Heights (Legal size Drawer)
Main Street –
Businesses (also see Businesses)
Paint Up, 9/24-25/1955
Rupert Jernigan’s Notes & Photos of Tiburon
Marketing 2013
Masterplan 1956 (oversize drawer with maps)
Newspaper clippings (also see Library shelf L3 for magazine articles)
Open Space (1972) – Kleinert Files
Open Space Bond (Legal Size Drawer)
Pelican Players
TPC Marsh 1980-82
TPC Marsh 1984
Peninsula Club History (1990)
Police Department
Updated 3/25/15
RCP mile
Rose, Larry Collection (1964 – 70 city manager) – also see DVD oral history
Sanitary District
Schools (also see RUSD file & collection)
Shark Loins Club – George Colman’s File
Sunset Magazine Articles [also see Library shelf L3 for magazine articles]
(Utilities) – See Reports & Studies Library shelf L3
Town Hall (new) 1976 – 1997 (also oversize drawer)
Tiburon Marine Lab. – Oceanographic Center 1961 – 77
Tiburon Peninsula Foundation
Tiburon Salmon Institute
Town of Tiburon News 2002 – 07
Tiburon Tommies
“Walk Your History” (LMS Event Files)
Women’s Suffrage – Belvedere-Tiburon
Young Historian Contest
Updated 3/25/15