Supply Point Systems, Inc.
Who is Supply Point Systems
• Founded 1997
• Manufacturing in UK
•Founded 1999
•Manufacturing in NC, USA
Who is Supply Point Systems
• Facilities in Brazil, Germany, Italy, India and
• Global OEMs
– Kennametal, J&L Industrial/MSC, Cromwell
• Distributors
– National Distributors in Germany, France, Belgium,
Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Australia
1500+ Machines Installed in the Americas
3000+ Total Machines Installed in 18 Countries
SPS US Operations
Local Suppliers and Sub-Contractors
CE and UL Certification
Dedicated support staff
1st, 2nd and 3rd level support
In-house Training
On-site Installation and Training
> 1200 Customers in Americas
> 2000 Installations in Americas
SupplyPoint Concept
• 24 hr product availability
• 24 hr product security
• Multiple languages for all markets
• Full audit trails
• Complete user accountability
• Reduction of product inventories
• Easy to use and maintain systems
• Total control over consumables
• Line side availability
• Automatic product procurement
Modular Design
• Machines can be
extended easily
• Drawer configurations
can be changed easily
Minimal Moving Parts (No Motors)
Standard Computers
Industrial Touch Screens
Industry Standard Accessories
Quick Change Configuration
SPS Products
SupplyPoint/ToolBoss™ Vending System
• Progressively opening drawers
• Integrated Cupboards
(electronic & key)
• Lockers
• RotoPoint rotary machine
• Electronically controlled Tool
Cabinets (ECTC/Journeyman)
• Weighing System
• Complete Software Suite
Comprehensive Software
SPS Software Suite
• Issues New and Used Tools, Returns for Re-use, Rework
or Scrap
• Tracks Items by User, Machine, Job and 3 additional
Auxiliary Fields
• Ability to Force Used before New
• Pick List Capabilities
• Kitting
• Rationing
• Restrictions (by item and location)
• Refill or Min/Max
• Expiration Dates
• Batch numbers
SPS Software Suite (cont.)
Stock rotation (FIFO)
Graphical and Text Search
External Stock
Multiple Input Device Support
Extensive Reporting (automatic or manual)
Electronic Ordering (automatic or manual)
Import/Export Options
Checks Remote Item Availability
Layered Security
Automatic Updating
System Dashboard
Comprehensive Reporting
Over 35 highly configurable reports
All reports can be set up to be exported, sent by email or FTP
automatically on a schedule
High visibility and accessibility of current trends and costs and statistics
Reports can be generated in real-time, by any authorized person on the
All the information which exists in the SPS System is available in a variety
of usable formats at the click of a mouse.
Comprehensive Reporting
• Reports can be used to analyze Stock, Usage, Suppliers,
Refill requirements, etc.
• Reports allow selection of fields to display, sort order,
filter criteria, etc.
• Field order and column widths can be customized
• Custom fields can be generated
• Any report can be customized and saved for easy reuse
Who is using it?
Users log on with unique alphanumeric
identifier, or by swiping card - secure
Image of user displayed after
successful log on – reduces errors
Additional password protection
available if required.
Biometric authentication available
Option on a per-user basis to dispense
used items first.
Highly configurable restrictions &
rationing policies based on users, or
Multiple language selection
What is it being used for?
• Specify department
• Specify cost center/cell
• Specify Job/ Works order
• Specify Machine
• Restricted by user groups
• Items available only where
How can I find that Item?
Item sorted in groups and sub groups
Filter options
Alias field for further identification
New/used sensitive
Graphical search
Max & min quantities
How many can I have?
• Single item per compartment
• Multiple item compartments
• Multiple item drawers
• Unlimited external locations
• Enforce fixed withdraw
• Image file for each item to
avoid confusion
• Ability to cancel and return
• Ability to enforce rationing
Items have rules and properties
• Items can be new, used, scrap etc.
• Tickets can be issued on withdrawal
• Items can be batch traceable – full
audit trail!
• Set custom reorder levels for each
• Define different supplier for each item
• Any product can be managed as FIFO
• Can be bulk (weighable) items
• Issue repaired/used items before new
• Return items for reuse, rework or
• Different costs for new and used items
Drawer Based System
Very few moving parts (no motors)
Provides quick change capabilities
Most cost effective solution for manufacturing
Drawer sizes designed for metalworking to MRO
Drawer Based System
• 14 different drawer sizes
• Small drawers to large drawers
Drawer Based System
Integrated Electronic Cupboards
• 3 Sizes that can be integrated anywhere
in the standard frame
• Provides capability to store very large
items or bulk packaging
• Effective for MRO and PPE
Integrated Cupboards
Locker Units
• Useful when a large
number of bulk storage
locations are required
• Connects as a standard
frame to the main
• Effective for MRO and
Locker Units
• Low-cost entry level solution
• Individually controlled
• Provides high capacity
storage for less valuable
and/or slow moving items
• Can be configured as an addon to the standard machine
or as a stand alone unit
• Based on a Lista™ cabinet
L.I.D. Unit
• High number of
individually secure
• Management of packs vs.
unit issue quantities
• Satellite Stores
• Bulk storage
• Affords a high variance of
volume and quantity
L.I.D. Unit
• Unique manual override is available
• Override can be specific to locations and
requires no disassembly
L.I.D. Unit
• Reconfiguration can be based on a “channel”
rather than the whole drawer
• Can be done on-site and is simple
Weighing Unit
– Secure management of a wide variety of parts in
lower volume (gloves, goggles, glue etc.)
– For items that are not critical and low value but do
have a high overall cost to the user
RotoPoint Next Gen
• Mechanical and Production Design Changes
• Future Reconfigurable
• Available April 2011
HandHeld Mobile Solution
– Aides in control of external
– For handling mini cribs
– Accessory to standard
vending systems
Latest Frame Design
• Extra Capacity
• Reduced cost per
unit stored
• Increased Flexibility
• Simple manual
• Built-in Diagnostics
Latest Frame
• Increased capacity within
existing footprint
– 104 locations in a main frame
– 113 locations in an add-on
• Compatible with all existing
SPS systems
• Improved system robustness
and reliability
Building Blocks
Base Unit
Single Bay
Drawer Trays
Drawer Trays
Drawer Trays
Drawer Trays
Drawer Trays