CWA District 1 NY/NE Regional Bargaining Report #24, July 29 2015

Regional Bargaining Report # 24
CWA District 1 NY/NE
Wednesday, July 29, 2015
The CWA District 1, IBEW Local 2213 and IBEW New England Regional
Committees met with the Company today on an informal basis to continue
discussions on issues involving Flexibility, Health Care, and Call Sharing.
We also received a presentation from the Company explaining the effects the
sale of California, Florida, and Texas to Frontier will have on our members.
The Company sold these territories for $10.5 Billion but their “subject
matter expert” couldn’t tell the Union what the Company plans to do with
the profits of the sale. The Union was adamant that the money should be
invested back into the landline business to build Fios.
The Company still has not begun to bargain seriously With only 3 days left
until the expiration of our contract we need every member to participate in
mobilization more than ever to send the Company a message that it is time
to start bargaining a fair and just contract for our members and their