Navigating MAP-21 Toolkit: Elected Officials Letter

Navigating MAP-21 Toolkit: Elected Officials Letter
This sample letter is targeted to local elected officials and policymakers.
Add the mailing address for the Governor ( and DOT
Director ( in the address
line, and if appropriate, tailor the ask to your state’s campaign.
Ask your coalition members to circulate the sample letter (after you tailor it for your state) to
any elected officials they know—particularly local elected leaders like mayors, city councilors,
school board members, etc. Try to get as many policymakers as possible to send support
letters, personalized for their community, to the Governor and DOT Director.
* Adapted from materials provided by the Safe Routes to School National Partnership.
Sample elected officials letter
Governor Address Block
Honorable [Governor’s First and Last Name]
Governor of [State]
[Mailing address]
[Fax Number or Email address (depending on how you are sending the request)]
DOT Director Address Block
[DOT Head’s First and Last Name]
[State] Department of Transportation [Position]
[Mailing address]
[Fax Number or Email address (depending on how you are sending the request)]
Dear Governor [Last Name] and [Mr./Ms.] [DOT Director Last Name]
On behalf of [insert city], I ask you to fully fund Transportation Alternatives, and to immediately
award and obligate any remaining SAFETEA-LU bicycle and pedestrian funding.
This will allow my community and others like it to compete for much-needed funds to build the
safe transportation options that are necessary for our citizens. The construction of facilities for
bicycling and walking—such as sidewalks and crosswalks—have been popular and successful in
my community.
The new Transportation Alternatives program, just like the Transportation Enhancements and
Safe Routes to School programs, gives my government a chance to compete for projects that
are important and essential to my constituents.
By fully funding Transportation Alternatives and promptly holding a competition, you will
ensure that cities and counties across the state are able to implement safer streets for all our
Bicycling and walking are critical to keeping our communities moving with healthy, safe, and
accessible transportation options.
• Bicycling and walking make up 12 percent of all trips, but bicycling and walking projects
receive less than 1.5% of federal transportation dollars.
• One-quarter of children’s traffic deaths happen when they are walking or bicycling and
are struck by cars. Safe Routes to School funds help ensure funding for critical
sidewalks, crosswalks and safety infrastructure to protect children and prevent
unnecessary deaths.
• When town centers are bicycling and walking friendly, business and economic
development improves.
I look forward to hearing back from you about your position and actions. Thank you for moving
quickly to ensure that we can provide a safe transportation network to all our residents.
[Name, Title and Community]