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Quin Roberts
World History Honors
April 13, 2009
Semester Paper Outline
1. Introduction
a. Hook
i. World War II, Pearl Harbor and the first and only atomic bomb
attack, were all occurrences that Emperor Hirohito and Franklin D.
Roosevelt had effect upon.
b. Main Points
i. Emperor Hirohito Biography
ii. Franklin D. Roosevelt Biography
iii. Compare & Analysis
c. Thesis
i. Emperor Hirtohito of Japan and President Franklin D. Roosevelt
were both powerful men who achieved success through hard work
and intellect.
2. Emperor Hirohito Biography
a. Childhood
i. Born April 19, 1901
ii. Separated from parents shortly after birth
iii. Was cared for under the Vice Admiral of the Navy
iv. Moved back to live with his parents in the Akasaka Palace
v. Began receiving a good education
vi. 1912 his grandfather Emperor Mutsishito dies and his father takes
over as Emperor
b. Reign of Power Pre-WWII & WWII
i. Leaves Japan for the first time in March of 1921 and visits Royal
families in Europe
ii. 1924 marries princess Nagako
iii. Appointed as acting ruler on November 25, 1925 for his ailing
iv. 1927, tensions with Manchuria begin to arise
v. Begins to have children
vi. Hostilities between Japan and China begin to unfold
vii. In the Late 30’s the military begins to take over control of
government and leads the nation into WWII and Pearl Harbor
viii. Two atomic bombs are dropped on Japan
c. Post WWII through death
i. He is not accused of war crimes due to his cooperation and fact
that he did not have much power during this time
ii. Helped lead Japan to be one of the richest and most
technologically advanced countries in the world
3. President Franklin D. Roosevelt Biography
a. Childhood
i. Is born in Hyde Park, New York in 1882
ii. At a young age begins to attend very prestigious schools, during
this time is father James passes away
b. Career
i. Four years later begins attending law school and marries Eleanor
ii. Soon becomes the proud father of five
iii. Begins to get into politics and becomes a New York Senator
iv. Is soon elected as Governor of New York
v. Elected as our 32nd President in 1932 during the Great Depression
vi. Japan attacks Pearl Harbor and FDR suggests to congress that war
is inevitable
vii. Two atomic bombs are dropped on Japan
viii. FDR dies in Warm Springs Georgia April 12, 1945
4. Compare & Analysis
a. What they did
i. Similarities
1. Both were leaders of major global powerhouses during
ii. Differences
1. Emperor Hirohito helped develop his nation into an
economic giant while FDR helped his avoid tragedy and
protect it from outside threats
b. How they got here
i. Similarities
1. Both were very hard working in getting to their ultimate
goal of becoming the leader of his nation
ii. Differences
1. Emperor Hirohito was given the seat of power while FDR
had to work hard to earn his
c. Lasting Legacy
i. Similarities
1. Both of these men will be remembered as great leaders of
great nations, and for getting them through tough times and
improving their well-being
ii. Differences
1. Emperor Hirohito will be remembered as a sophisticated
intelligent thinker who was quiet in word but not in mind,
while FDR remains a symbol of American power and
strength despite being disabled
5. Conclusion
a. Who has affected history the greatest and why
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