ch. 31 – 33 essays

CHAPTERS 31-33 TEST NAME________________________
Choose TWO of the following questions and answer them in essay form. Use books, notes, etc. to back
up your assertions with FACTS.
Roaring 20s – Great Depression
Do you think that the 1920s should be most noted as a decade of anxiety and intolerance or hedonism
and liberation, or both? Cite specific features of life in the 1920s to explain your view.
To what extent does the popular culture of the 1920s reflect the modern world in which we live? You
may want to consider the role of radio and the car, changing youth culture, and conflict that marked the
Outline the causes of the great crash of 1929. Explain how a series of events triggered the hardest times
in our history.
FDR and the New Deal
The text authors conclude that Franklin Roosevelt "was in fact Hamiltonian in his espousal of big
government, but Jeffersonian in his concern for the 'forgotten man.'"
With this as a thesis sentence, write an essay that uses specific parts of the New Deal program to
support both halves of your thesis.
In many ways the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt can be seen as an extension of the ideas and beliefs
of Teddy Roosevelt and the Progressives of an earlier time period. With this as a thesis, write an essay
that supports the comparison of FDR’s New Deal and his expansion of the government to TR and the
Progressive Movement.