Globalization and Society

Globalization and Society
An Interdisciplinary Minor
Globalization and Society is a new multidisciplinary minor. It provides students with
an understanding of the complex phenomenon of globalization.
Open to all students from any major
1. The minor expands the student=s knowledge and understanding
global culture,
global economy,
religious fundamentalism,
the environment,
ethnic and national conflicts,
global social inequalities,
global institutions such as the UN, etc.
2. It helps students be better prepared for employment opportunities
in an inter- connected world.
Globalization and Society is offered jointly by the departments of English,
Communication and Philosophy, and Social Sciences and History.
Six courses or 18 credits.
One course from sociology: AGlobalization, Culture and [email protected]
Five courses from a pre-approved list of courses from any of the
disciplines of Anthropology, Communication, English, History,
International Relations, Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology.
Coordinator: Dr. Riad Nasser
Email: [email protected]
Tel. : X8386
Office: Mansion, Rm 32A
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