Group Work on Politics and Nationalism

Globalization and Human Dynamics SOC/AN 332
Politics and Nationalism
March 1, 2014
1. Provide a summary of main ideas and supporting details.
2. Apply personal observations and experiences on Guam and other areas of the world.
3. Critique the article. Are there areas/subtopics that are not addressed? Do you
disagree with particular arguments? Why?
“Globalisation and the decline of national identity? An exploration
across sixty-three countries,” Gal Ariely
“Sociology and the Nation-State in an Era of Shifting Boundaries,”
Donald N. Levine
“Globalization and the Myth of the Powerless State, “Linda Weiss
“A “Long Walk to Freedom” and Democracy: Human Rights,
Globalization, and Social Injustice,” Havidan Rodriguex
“Insiders Without, Outsiders Within: Chamorro Ambiguity and
Diasporic Identities on the U.S. Mainland,” Michael E. Perez