variation and inheritance homework 1


Variation and Inheritance Homework 1




A horse and a donkey interbreed and produce a mule which is infertile. Do a horse and a donkey belong to the same species? Explain your answer. State the two forms of variation and provide an example for each. Copy and complete the following table by inserting the characteristics under the correct heading. (2) (2)

(2) Tongue rolling stem length blood type height attached ear lobes tail length in mice eye colour hand span

Discrete Continuous

10 4.

Copy and complete The ________ of an individual is the combination of genes that an organism inherited from the _______. The __________ is the physical appearance that results from the genotype. If a person’s genotype consists of two alleles that are the same they are said to be ________. If a person’s genotype consists of two alleles that are _________ they are said to be heterozygous.

(2) 5.

In a study of variation, a group of pupils collected information on the heights found in the class. The information on heights is shown below. 150 146 152 155 162

Height measurements (cm)

143 136 153 157 164 144 151 154 169 165 146 152 154 160 158

i) ii)

What is the range of heights in the class? Calculate the average height. (1) (1)