The Secrets Quotes

The Secrets Quotes
“3 Stars. Recommended. The Secrets is an intriguing and engaging film, overall, one that
has garnered numerous film festival awards as well as eight Israeli Oscar nominations.”
– Video Librarian
“Highest Rating. 5 Stars. The film draws the viewer in from the very beginning and
rewards her attention through to the end with its visually breathtaking scenery, original
music score, believable tension between characters and the well-portrayed difficulties of
moral integrity.” - Jane and Jane
Highly Recommended.” – Library Bookwatch
“The Secrets is a marvelous film.” - Home Media Magazine
“Emotionally moving performances by Ardant, Bukstein and Shtamler in particular, keep
you with this small but provocative film until the end.” – Los Angeles Times
“3 1/2 Stars. The Secrets is first of all continuously absorbing, which most good films
must be. The performances by the three leading actresses are compelling. There's a
subplot that's delightful. Avi Nesher's The Secrets, a deeply involving melodrama, has all
the devices to draw us into this story. It is gently and powerfully acted. And it is
thoughtful about its characters.” – Roger Ebert
“The Secrets is a mesmerizing excursion into an insular spiritual community… the film
conveys an undeniable alluring tenderness. An Israeli movie that provocatively probes
the points of convergence of religion and sexuality.” – News Blaze
“The powerful performances, and Nesher's lushly detailed directorial style, make The
Secrets an emotionally resonant and thought-provoking journey.” – San Francisco
“Mesmerizing… This story will stick with viewers for years to come.” – Corvallis Gazette Times
“Entertaining, eye-opening, even cautiously sexy.” – The Oregonian
“The Secrets is proof again that Lesbian drama can be done beautifully and poignantly.
The Secrets is a layered, rich and rewarding film from any standpoint. It’s a beautiful
film, and its very much alive.”
“4 Stars. 'The Secrets' A Wonderful Story of Religion and Friendship” – The Hartford
“3 ½ Stars. Captivating.” – Lincoln Journal Star
“3 ½ Stars. (A) complex gem.” -
“One of the most remarkable movies of the year… an engrossing mixture of voluptuous
spirituality and incisive sensuality.” – The New York Observer
“intriguing… passionate performances.” – The New York Times
“The Secrets handles itself with Grace and Charm” – The Village Voice
“One ofthe best Israeli films of recent years, “The Secrets,” is an emotionally
overpowering drama that will move audiences wherever it plays. The film's mix of
sensuality and spirituality is arresting. Both of the young actresses are luminous(and)
Ardant gives one of her strongest performances.” – The Hollywood Reporter
“The Secrets is an Israeli film that not only matches anything film coming out of
Hollywood these days but it leaves them in the dust in many ways. The acting here is
fantastic. The cinematography could not be better. Also the music is simply beautiful to
the ears. I would rate this as one of the best foreign film's I have seen in some time. It's
a story about real people that challenges religion and makes the viewer think about it long
after it's ended. The Secrets is a mix of comedy, drama and tragedy that really hits the
viewer like not many films can, a true delight and a film worth seeking out and
experiencing for yourself as you will be glad you did. Nominated for many awards and
rightfully so. Director Avi Nesher and his cast and crew have created a masterpiece of
story-telling and one that everyone should see.”
“A magical peek into a strange world. Brilliant cast, led by the stunning Ania Bukstein.
Highly recommended.” -Sonia Stav, Woman's World
“An extraordinary film, surpassing the highest level of filmmaking ever displayed in an
Israeli movie. Highly recommended.” - The Voice of Israel (Israeli PBS)
“An extraordinary journey into a forbidden world. Of all the movies made about the
Jewish Orthodox world - this is by far the best and most daring.”
-Yinon Mills, Channel 10
“As good as Israeli movies have been recently, “The Secrets” transcends them all. An
exceptional work of art.” -Albert Gabai, Channel 1
“Nesher breaks taboos with great integrity and compassion. Very intriguing and very
powerful.” -Channel 2
“A very entertaining, moving, and mature film by Avi Nesher, Israel's premiere
filmmaker.” -Jerusalem Post
“Oops, Avi Nesher has done it again. A movie that grabs your heart and refuses to let go.
A movie full of beautiful, smart, funny women seeking meaning and redemption (and
sometimes, simply love). Extraordinary acting, music and mise en scene.”
“A complex and bewitching cinematic creation, exotic, mystical, and provocative. Bravo”
- Israel Daily
“Brilliant, thought provoking, and utterly convincing” -Ynet
“A stunning movie about beliefs, rebellion and camaraderie” - Pnai - plus
“An intriguing and sensitive exploration of the lives of young orthodox women. ( ... ) It's
a real pleasure to watch the story unfold and enjoy the work of three wonderful actresses:
the French superstar Fanny Ardant, and the up-and-coming Israelis Ania Bukstein and
Michal Shtamler. Ardant, who was once the muse of Francois Truffaut has a riveting
screen presence and is still a haunting beauty. Bukstein is in nearly every frame and gives
a wonderful, nuanced performance. Shtamler is also appealing and highlights her
character's contradictory impulses.”” - The Jerusalem Post