Soc. St.-Military History Syllabus

Military History Syllabus
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Course Description: The focus of the course will be on American Military History, but at times
will also become a study of Western, European, military history as well. The course will
examine the changes in military history in terms of strategy, tactics, technology, and those who
fought in each war. The focus will be on ground forces, but as time permits each of the other
branches will be given their own focus and time.
The course will use a college textbook with daily reading assignments. These reading
assignments will average five pages a day and be done in preparation of the next day’s lectures.
The lectures will supplement the reading and will often contain information not found in the text.
Students will be responsible for keeping these notes and using them in preparation of quizzes and
test. Movies and other visual aids will be used to supplement the lectures and will be tested on
as well. In addition to regular class work there will be a short research paper for each semester.
These will be assigned well in advance of their due date and will be expected to be turned in on
that date only. (No Late Papers) They will hold a value that is equal to a test score.
Papers: The first paper is due November 10th, and the second paper is due April 11th. Each
student will choose a weapon or weapon system within the time period of the semester. This can
not be the same subject as the first paper and will be two pages each. (Details will be provided
for each paper soon.)
Test and Quizzes: Each test will be a combination of questions, and will have an essay that is
20-30% of the test. These tests are approximately 50% of the student’s grade, and will cover
material that is currently being taught. Quizzes will be both announced and unannounced and
will primarily be over the student’s reading. They will comprise approximately 10% of the
student’s grade. There will be a total of 6-7 test per semester.
Daily happenings: Students will need to have a charged device ready to record notes from the
one-note program. Students will need to view and study visual aids also available on one-note to
prepare for discussions and quizzes. Videos viewed during class have a purpose to further
illustrate ideas and events, and should not be seen as entertainment or a time to tune-out.
Homework assignments will go along with the night’s reading, and should be completed for
the next class period. Review guides will be distributed at the beginning of each unit and will be
completed by the end of each unit. These will help prepare students for the next test and makeup approximately 40% of a student’s grade (along with the homework assignments).
Class participation: As in all of my classes, class participation is a must. Expectations will be
that the student has viewed and read materials prior to class. My hope is not to just have a class
lecture with little student input. My desire would be to have a lively discussion that should
include both analytical and critical thinking.
Chapter coverage and Test Schedule
Weeks 1-2: Chapter 1 Early American Conflicts and the French Revolution
Week 3&4: Chapter 2 The American Revolution
Test 1: September 25th
Week 5&6: Chapter 3 The War of 1812 and The Mexican War
Test 2: October 7th
Week 7: Chapter 4 The beginning of the Civil War
Week 8&9: Chapter 5 The Civil War intensifies
Test 3: October 30th Civil War Test #1
Paper 1: Due November 10th
Week 10-13: Chapter 6 The turning point of the Civil War and Chapter 7 The End of the War
Test 4: November 20th
Week 14&15: Chapter 8: The Navy and the Spanish-American War
Test 5: November 27th
Week 16-18: Chapter 9: The Beginning of the First World War and Chapter 10: The War has a
new German offensive.
Test 6:
December 16th
Week 19: Work on Midterm Review
Week 20-23: Chapter 11: The Beginning of the End & Chapter 12: The American Flood turns
The tide.
Test 7: February 3rd
Week 24-27: Chapter 13: The first campaigns of the Second World War, Chapter 14: The War
continues and the Axis makes its greatest gains.
Test 8: February 26th
Week 28-32: Chapter 15: The U.S. enters the war Chapter 16: Fighting in the Eastern Front
Begins an end of the war.
Test 9: March 18th
Second Paper due: April 11th:
Week 33-36: Chapter 17: The Air War and the War in the West Chapter 18: The Pacific War
Test 10: April 22nd
Week 37-38: Chapter 19: The Cold War
Test 11: May 3
Week 39: Chapter 20: The Korean War
Week 40: Chapter 21: The Vietnam War
Test 12: May 20th
Week 41: Chapter 22: The Arab-Israeli Wars, The Iran-Iraq War, and War in Afghanistan
Test 13: May 27th
Week 42: Operations Urgent Fury, Just Cause, Persian Gulf, and UN Peace-keeping
Week 43: Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom
Test 14: June 3rd
Senior Exams June 2nd-3rd
Underclassmen Exams June 10th