QUIZ NO. 4 Marks: 10 A process that significantly affects

Marks: 10
1. A process that significantly affects organizational success by having
managers and employees work together to set expectations, review
results, and reward performance.
a) Management by Objectives
b) Performance Appraisal
c) Performance Management
d) Organizational Planning
2. ________________ is solely responsible for managing individual’s
a) Individual
b) Team
c) Organization
d) HR Manager
3. The evaluator uses a list of behavioral descriptions and checks off
those behaviors that apply to the employee. This method of appraisal
is called
a) Forced-Choice Appraisal
b) Forced Distribution Appraisal
c) Checklist Appraisal
d) Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales
4. Any compensation method that ties pay to the quantity or quality of
work the person produces is called
a) Gain-sharing Plan
b) Incentive Plan
c) Compensation Plan
d) Pay for performance Plan
5. Employee evaluations are directly affected by a “supervisor’s
perceptions of who is believed to be in control of the employee’s
performance – the employer or the manager.” This theory is known
a) Attribution Theory
b) Stereotype
c) Halo Effect
d) None of above options
6. Which has an impact on job pricing and the ultimate determination of
an individual’s financial compensation?
a) The Organization
b) The Job
c) The Employee
d) All of the above options
7. Office environment that contain harmful airborne chemicals,
asbestos, or indoor pollution is referred to
a) Homicide
b) Sick Building
c) Green Environment
d) Environment pollution
8. Benefits offered to employees reflect many of the trends existing in
a) Country
b) Environment
c) Organization
d) Labor Force
9. Recognition, positive reinforcement and employees’ empowerment
can be used to avoid the
a) Turnover
b) Conflict
c) Accident
d) Frustration
Not giving a compliment for a job done very well can cause
a) Punishment
b) Extinction
c) Negative Reinforcement
d) De-motivation