Strange Days on Planet Earth: Invaders

Strange Days on Planet Earth: Predators
1. Why was the Caroni Valley in Venezuela flooded?
2. On Iguana Island in Lake Guri, what is the result of having too many Howler
Monkeys on one island?
3. Iguanas, leaf cutter ants and howler monkeys are so numerous and cause so
much damage because the _______________________ are missing.
4. Scientists are looking at __________________, and counting their growth rings to
determine if there is a link between the flood and the predicament in Venezuela.
5. What is missing from Yellowstone’s landscape?
6. In what year did scientists release wolves into Yellowstone National Park after being
absent for 60 years?
7. Name 2 species that depend on wolf kills for food.
8. Why is it important for wolves to hunt and kill elk?
9. True / False
Everyone is glad that the wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone, and that the
ecosystem has been brought into balance.
10. What do the herbivorous fish in the Caribbean Ocean eat in the coral reefs?
11. Where does the geologist look to find clues as to the cause of the coral reef
die off?
12. Coral reefs are built from colonies of tiny animals called ________________.
13. Why would a scientist visit a Jamaican fish market to do research?
14. In the last 40-50 years we have lost ______ % of all large fish throughout the world.
15. What action did St Lucians take to try to bring back the large predatory fish?
16. NOT IN THE MOVIE: Please give your opinion.
Do top predators have a place in our modern day life even though they might be
dangerous to humans, their pets, or their property?
(Think about Mountain Lions in California neighborhoods, coyotes in the middle of
Wichita, sharks near the swimming beaches.)