Strange Days-

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Strange Days – Predators Movie
1. In Venezuela there was a flood. What caused the flood?
2. What is the name of the man made lake in Venezuela?
3. Which animal dominated the food chain when the lake didn’t exist?
4. Which animal was in the middle of the food chain when the lake didn’t exist?
5. What species are stripping the trees of its leaves? (there are 3)
6. By removing predators, the prey increased in cities. What harm do they
7. Why can’t we just put the predators back into the ecosystem?
8. What’s wrong with the Lemar river?
9. What were the 2 hypotheses that could have explained why the aspen trees
10. What was the one significant change that could be the reason the trees are so
11. What other species benefit from a wolf kill besides the wolves? (List at least
12. Why did trees disappear when the wolves did?
13. How were the beavers affected by adding wolves?
14. What problems came up from putting wolves back into Yellowstone?
15. Why was one rancher unhappy about taking out a wolf?
16. What is suffocating the coral reef?
17. Why is there so much algae in the reef now?
18. Which was the last species in the reef to live?
19. Why did the above species die off?
20. What was done to fix the reef and get more big fish and predators back into
the ecosystem?