Classroom Rules and Information

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Be Prompt – You are tardy if you are not in your desk when the bell rings.
Be Prepared – Bring your supplies and work to class every day.
Be Productive – Do your work neatly and on time.
Be Polite – Not only to me, but to your classmates.
You should expect homework to be assigned daily. Homework will be graded in the classroom daily. With a new concept being taught
almost daily, it is crucial for students to complete their homework each day. Late work will not be accepted and a grade of zero will be
given for each late assignment. Homework must be completed in pencil, with work shown, and the answers identified. Sloppy work will
not be accepted.
Students are expected to make up assignments and tests after absences including extracurricular, sick, dentist, etc. Within this framework,
the time allowed will be one day for each absence incurred. Extracurricular/co-curricular absences require a written arrangement between
the teacher and student prior to the absence. If after an extended absence the student cannot complete the make-up work within the time
allowed, there must be a written, signed agreement between the student and teacher. Parents must be made aware of this agreement. If
work is not completed then a zero will be entered in the gradebook. For further information on the Brenham ISD Grading Guidelines,
please visit the Brenham High Scholl website and/or the Student Handbook.
The six weeks grade is determined as follows: Major 60%, and Daily Work (homework, quizzes, etc.) 40%
Students may redo 1 major grade and 2 daily grades per six weeks (for a maximum grade of 70 each); this only applies to assignments
that have been attempted by the student in the first place. Major grades shall be redone within 3 days of the grade being posted. Daily
grades shall be redone prior to the assessment of the concept. Late work will not be accepted
I will be in my classroom M, W-F at 7:15 for any extra help or to check homework. Students are encouraged to see me for help.
Notebook paper, composition notebook, graphing paper, pencils, red pen - $5.00 or 4 AAA batteries for class calculator.
The student will NOT be allowed to use a class calculator until he/she has paid.
Conference Period: 5th Period
Email: [email protected]
Cell Phone : (979)-421-3835
Work Phone: (979)-277-3800 Ext 6216
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Michael Adams, Classroom Teacher
Dr. Herbert Schoener, Assistant Principal
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