Project Transition

Project Transition
One Highland Drive
Chalfont, PA 18914
Phone: 215-997-9959 Fax: 215-997-1550
Job Description Title:
Certified Peer Specialist
Positions Available at the
Following Locations:
Berks County and Audubon, PA (Montgomery County)
Summary Job Description:
 The Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) supports the development of recovery skills in collaboration with the
team and the individual working towards recovery. Providing unconditional and nonjudgmental listening
while supporting the utilization of skills needed for the member to begin creating a higher quality of life.
CPS provides opportunities for individuals to direct their own recovery plan, build self worth, wellness,
empowerment and self advocacy. CPS will promote and contribute to the development of a culture of
recovery and hope within the program and agency as a whole.
Specific Responsibilities:
 Conducts regularly scheduled meetings with members and appropriately engage them to identify
interests, strengths, goals, dreams and aspirations while offering encouragement and empowerment
through shared experience to enhance strengths and capabilities for members.
 Meet with members, in collaboration with PRC, to begin creating treatment plan following treatment
plan format.
 Facilitate a weekly group based on CPS specific skills, passions and member needs.
 Co-Facilitate skills groups as well as therapeutic groups when appropriate.
 Attend and participate in treatment team meetings, providing feedback regarding members and offering
unique perspective.
 Assist in the development of a WRAP plan with members when appropriate.
 Encourage members in the development of Personal Medicine Skills.
 Serve as an advocate for member while continually supporting, teaching and encouraging self-advocacy
 Welcome newly admitted members to the PT community. Assist in orientation of the program by
sharing information on program structure and opportunities, tour and introductions to community and
 Promoting community integration through the connection of resources, linking to supports, mutual-help
groups, social clubs, volunteer and job opportunities.
 Serve as a role model with a willingness to share personal experience when appropriate with members,
families and staff by demonstrating that recovery is possible.
 Support members in the development and implementation of their transition goals and plans.
 Provides weekly documentation in electronic data base regarding member progress, goals, struggles and
utilization of skills and support.
 Serving on agency internal workgroups, trainings and meetings.
 Attend continuing education requirements, 18 hours annually, and 12 of those hours being peer
support/recovery topics. Provide copies of certificates.
At minimum, an individual must meet the CPS training qualifications and is able to provide documentation of
completing the CPS training in entirety. Maintain updated trainings to ensure ongoing certification status.