Customer references

“ The Starbright 785 XM is being used as an excitation laser for Raman imaging experiments
of biological samples such as cell arrays, biopsies, and isolated single cells. The laser was easy
incorporated into an existing Renishaw RM microscope, replacing an argon ion pumped Ti:Sapphire
oscillator system. With a 3 nm laser line filter the laser provides wavelength stability, low ASE, and
consistent output power. Everyone in our lab is happy with the laser. We are obtaining reproducible results
with high spectral and spatial resolution, and so far we really like the laser. It is a nice product. “
Zachary D. Schultz, Ph.D.
National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, National Institute of Health, USA.
“ We use the Starbright 785 XM laser for micro-raman spectroscopy in the diamond anvil cell at high
pressure on glasses and crystals and sofar, we are very satisfied with it. In comparison with other lasers we
tested, it has very low ASE (amplified spontaneous emission), a highly stable wavelength and thanks to
those properties, we could collect good quality data on for example As2O3 glass. “
Emmanuel Soignar, Research Professor in the department of chemistry and biochemistry at Arizona State
University. His area of research is high pressure study of amorphous materials. Prof. Soignar runs the
diamond anvil cell high pressure laboratory and the Raman spectroscopy laboratory.