Chapter 10.II Laser, Light Based Technologies, and Other

Subchapter 10.II – Laser; Light Based Technologies and other Energy-Emitting Equipment
Possible Survey Review Items
This list represents some of the items that an AAAHC surveyor may review during an on-site
Subchapter 10.II – Laser; Light Based Technologies
 P&P – safety programs, education and training of personnel
 Policy – identification and disposition of expired medications and supplies
 Safe environment
o Privileges
o Authorized persons only
o Door and window coverings
o Warning signs only during procedures
o Protective eyewear
o Smoke evacuators, filtration masks, suction to minimize plume inhalation
o Disinfection or sterilization of equipment components
o Appropriate fire protection
 Electrical rated extinguishers immediately available
 Maintain wet environment around op field - open container of H2O or
 Safe equipment and techniques
 Use of non-combustible materials, supplies and solutions
 Drapes not positioned in front of the laser beam
 Maintenance logs present and current
 Patient safety
o Procedures are done IAW manufacturers guidelines and ANSI standards
o Protection of patient’s eyes, skin, hair & other exposed areas
o Use of non-reflective instruments
o Patient education regarding procedure risks and complications
Updated 1.1.2015
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